An important notice for all riders!!

If you have recently entered into an FEI class, there are some things you need to know:

  • You CANNOT enter an FEI class without a current FEI registration. This must be finalised before you submit your entry to the event.
  • Before we can register an equine with the FEI, this equine MUST HAVE an identification document. This needs to be completed in conjunction with a vet. The horse must be microchipped by the time the book is returned to us for approval.
  • NEW FEI REGISTRATIONS TAKE UP TO 10 WORKING DAYS TO PROCESS. Please DO NOT leave it too close to your competition to organise these registrations: there is a significant process between the rider and our National Office, which must be carried out in full, before you are eligible to compete.
  • BOTH rider AND equine must have a current FEI registration to compete, even if the rider is competing a horse that is not their own.

Please follow the link below for a breakdown of what you need for your specific class, as well as an explanation of the different kinds of FEI registration, all your necessary forms, and a helpful list of FAQs:

Having your FEI registrations done ahead of your competition eases the pressure for riders and owners. FEI registrations are very important, but to get them done correctly they do take significant time. In order for everyone to be relaxed and ready to compete, please send them to us either: a) at least 10 days prior to competition for new registrations; b) at least 5 days prior to competition for renewals. Please note that all new registrations required within 7 business days will be charged a $20 urgent fee.

The email address to submit all FEI registrations is [email protected]. Thank you in advance for keeping organised with us!