Emma Watson, Sarah West, Oliver Croucher, Sophie Scott, Melody Matheson, Ally Carson, Sam McIntosh, Emelia Forsyth, Drew Carson, Kimberley Bird

The National Squad Camp concluded on Sunday with a teams competition over the Prague Nations Cup course.  There was keen competition among the riders who have spent three days together at Takapoto Estate.  The course produced five clear rounds and several four-faulters as the riders demonstrated what they had learned from coach Sam McIntosh.  The winning team was Emelia Forsyth and Melody Matheson.  Round of the day, chosen by Sam McIntosh, was Ally Carson who did a superb clear round over the technical course earning a round of applause from riders and parents.

The three day camp began with flat work over poles and low fences. Day two built on this over lines and corners including a water jump.  Day three included course walk, warm-up and riding the course.  Speakers included Jason Yuill Proctor – Senior Performance Psychologist and Judy Bowen – Jumping Steward General.


ESNZ Jumping Team
31 August 2020