Presenting the equine community with a world class veterinary facility in the heart of New Zealand’s largest equestrian region took over ten years of planning and the dream of a committed group of directors from Hamilton Veterinary Services.

In spring 2016 the dream came to reality with the opening of the new Waikato Equine Veterinary Centre.

The directors of the practice, Dr Douglas Black, Dr Alec Jorgensen, Dr Noel Power,  Dr Greg Quinn along with a team of experienced associates Dr Jack O’Brien, Dr Ronan Costello, Dr Kylie Huxford, Dr Craig Stalker, Dr Alexander Leander, Dr Kate Dingeman and Dr Murray Bertram bring their unique experiences and areas of interest to the practice, with specialist surgical skills, lameness diagnostics, equine health and evaluation, reproductive knowledge and above all a desire to see horses perform at their best in the best interests of their welfare.

Since Waikato Equine Veterinary Centre opened  their purpose-built facility the response has been phenomenal. Sport horses, pleasure horses and race horses have come locally and been referred from around the North Island for the range of professional services offered, with owners recognising the skills and experience of the highly regarded team of veterinarians and nursing staff.

The horses and ponies presented in clinic range from Group One winning racehorses, Olympic eventers, top level dressage and showjumpers, polo ponies, endurance horses and beloved family ponies.

“We are proud of the association that we have with equestrian community that we serve.” Says Dr Alec Jorgensen.  

The centre’s staff offer extensive experience in sporthorses across equestrian disciplines and are the go to experts for Pony Club informational evenings, ESNZ team events and the development of horse performance knowledge with ESNZ national squads.

With a number of the current top level national and international competitors being clients of the practice, the centre is committed to supporting their success.  Waikato Equine Veterinary Centre sponsor the Accelerator Development Jumping as well as riders Clarke Johnstone, Vanessa Way, John Thompson and Samantha Felton who continue to lead in their chosen disciplines, in whose achievements the team takes great satisfaction.

Waikato Equine Veterinary Centre pride themselves in their friendly and experienced staff, industry best practice accreditation and passion for the equine athlete.  

Equestrian enthusiasts are invited to visit and see for themselves the outstanding premises on offer.

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