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1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona

Date: 25 July – 09 August 1992


Barcelona, home to 1.8 million people, was the host of Games of the XXV Olympiad and will be remembered for performances of the USA men’s basketball ‘Dream Team’ open to all professionals and featuring superstars such as Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. Needless to say they dominated the entire Games.

The equestrian events, with the exception of the Dressage and endurance phases of Eventing, were held at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, created in 1897.

The Parc del Remolar in downtown Barcelona had initially been proposed as the venue for the endurance part of Eventing. The golf and country club of El Montanya, one hour drive from Barcelona, was eventually selected. To make it easier for the horses, the Eventing-Dressage phase was held there too and as well as the second horse inspection.



Andrew Nicholson Spinning Rhombus Eventing Individual 16th
Andrew Nicholson Spinning Rhombus Eventing Team 2nd
Blyth Tait Messiah Eventing Team 2nd
Blyth Tait Messiah Eventing Individual 3rd
Bruce Goodin Reservation Jumping Team 15th
Bruce Goodin Reservation Jumping Individual 59th
Sir Mark Todd Double Take Showjumping Individual 37th
Sir Mark Todd Double Take Showjumping Team 15th
Sir Mark Todd Welton Greyleg Eventing Individual Retired
Vicky Latta Chief Eventing Team 2nd
Vicky Latta Chief Eventing Individual 4th

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