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Frequently Asked Questions – Events & Insurance

Frequently asked questions regarding insurance cover to assist our event organisers.

Equestrian NZ Events Cancelled for next three months

Equestrian Sports NZ announced on 18th March 2020 it will cancel all ESNZ events in Jumping, Dressage and Para-equestrian, Eventing and Endurance for a three-month period effective immediately. This will be reviewed at the end of April or as required.

The situation continues to develop in New Zealand and around the world and ESNZ will endeavour to keep everyone informed as much as possible. 

A Covid-19 page has been developed on the ESNZ website with cancellation notices, updates and any information that comes to hand. Please use this to keep up to date.

What does this mean for Events / Area Groups / Affiliated Clubs and Organising Committees?

For those ESNZ Area Groups, affiliated endurance club and member organisations that run under the ESNZ insurance program, we wish to advise of the following:

As the ESNZ insurance program does not include event cancellation insurance, OCs will need to decide whether they refund entry/ride fees should they decide not to hold their event.  Riders are urged to be patient while the OCs work though this process with their committees.

The ESNZ Insurance Program only includes Public and Statutory Liability insurance which offers cover to OCs for their legal liability in causing Bodily Injury (including sickness or disease) to a third party, subject of course to normal policy terms and conditions.

OCs are to be aware that it is a requirement of all Insurance policies that everyone demonstrate Reasonable Care to minimise the risk to any person. Our advice is that such reasonable care would include following our advice and all Government Health Authorities and taking all other reasonable safety precautions.

For an OC that is not insured through our policy i.e. an independent group that is not part of the ESNZ structure, we recommend that you seek advice from your insurance broker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ESNZ insurance cover event cancellation?

What does the ESNZ Insurance cover for Area Groups, affiliated endurance clubs and member organisations that run under the ESNZ insurance program?

The majority of our show was organised, has incurred costs and was scheduled to take place in a few weeks’ time. What if anything, can be done for these?

If our event has been cancelled, do we have to provide a refund?

ESNZ have said that all shows for the next three months must be cancelled – what if our club does not adhere to this rule and goes ahead and runs a small show anyway - would we still be covered by ESNZ insurance if something when wrong?

Where can i find resources and relevant information for Chairs, directors and trustees on how to lead my area group/club or OC through the immediate crisis and into the future?