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Frequently Asked Questions – Endurance

Frequently asked questions about the sport of Endurance.

Frequently Asked Questions - Endurance

What type of membership do I need for Endurance and CTR?

What registration does my horse need?

Where can I find the rules for Endurance and CTR?

I’ve completed a ride on a day vet card and now want to register my horse, how can I claim the ride?

I am organising a ride, where can I find an Official for this?

I want to be an Official, what is the process of becoming one?

Where can I find the Endurance Rides Calendar?

Where do I find the Ride Schedules?

Who is on the Endurance board?

How can I contact Endurance?

Is there a dress code? What can I wear? What can’t I wear?

I want to join an Endurance/CTR Club. Where can I find a list of the clubs?

I have never done endurance or CTR before. What do I need and what happens at an event?