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Dressage Rules

Dressage sport rules, series rules and FEI rules

Dressage Sport Rules

Effective 1/9/21

The 2021 Rule Book includes Young Dressage Horse Rules & Gold Silver Gold Classification Explanations 

2021_Dressage Rule Book__Plain

2021_Dressage Rule Book_Marked Up

Young Dressage Horse Rules & Judging Guidelines

Downgrade Application Form v2021


2020 Dressage Rule Bookv8 Effective 1 August 2020. 

Note that in additions to the rule changes passed at the AGM, there is a correction to Art 463.2 Downgrading.
The e.g.  should read:  A rider with less than 15pts in Novice  Elementary may downgrade a horse to Novice 

Art 455.4  Penalties: The table referring to penalties in Freestyles has been corrected 


Rule Changes Dressage NZ Conference July 2020 (Effective 1 August 2020 – Full 2020 rule book available soon) 

2019 Dressage Rule Book Effective 1/9/19  (Also includes link to remit form for 2020)

Note: There is no App for the 2019 or 2020 version 

2018 Dressage Rule Book_Plain Effective 1/8/18

2018 Dressage Rule Book_Source_Markup_Version  Effective 1/8/18

Young & Developing Dressage Horse Competitions 

Dressage Rules for Administration Effective April 2020

National Dressage Series Conditions & Rules