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Rider Sponsorship

Rules and process for registering your rider sponsorship with ESNZ

Rider Sponsorship Rules/Process

Personal sponsorship of under $8,000

  • Your Sponsorship agreement is not required by ESNZ
  • ESNZ General regulations regarding sponsorship must be adhered to e.g. size of logo no bigger than 200cm2 (10cm x 20cm).
  • Personal sponsorships of under $8,000 will not appear on the Sponsored rider register

Sponsorship of $8,000 or more

Sponsorship of $8,000 or more will be required to lodge an agreement with ESNZ.  Sponsorship agreements must include:

  • Start and finish date of sponsorship (for ongoing sponsorships please list as UFN, until further notice)
  • Value of sponsorship in cash or kind
  • Signed agreement by both sponsor and rider
  • Use of sponsor name as prefix/suffix on nominated horses

Logo Size Requirements

  • Saddle blanket – 200cm², allowed on both sides of blanket (examples: 20cm x 10cm = 200cm. 15cm x 13cm =195cm)
  • Jacket or top garment – 80cm², on breast pocket or at the height of breast pockets for Jumping Events, Dressage Events and for Jumping and Dressage tests of Eventing
    (example: 10cm x 8cm = 80cm)
  • Arm of jacket (x country/endurance) – 200cm² (Examples: 20cm x 10cm = 200cm. 15cm x 13cm =195cm)
  • Shirt collar – 16cm² (example: 8cm x 2cm = 16cm)