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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about membership, horse registration and lots more.

ESNZ Frequently Asked Questions

How to renew your membership

How to renew or edit your equine membership

How to add a new equine

Contact and Account details

What are the benefits of being a financial member?

How does my membership fee get allocated?

Why did the membership fees have to go up?

Have horse registration fees gone up?

What classes can I compete in if my horse is unregistered?

Can I get refund on my memberships or registrations?

How do I know when my membership/registrations expire?

Can I renew my membership/registration online?

What forms of payment can I use?

Is the ESNZ equine casual registration fee per day, class or show and how much is it?

My Equine is fully ESNZ registered with a jumping annual start; can I add an Eventing annual start half way through my registration period?

If I choose to use a flexi discipline start what can I compete in?

At what level do I need to fill in an ID Page and does the vet need to fill this in for me?

Is there a different membership for ponies/horses?

Does my pony require a current height certificate to be registered?

I have just brought a horse. Can I change this into my name?

What if my horse is owned by a syndicate of 2 or more?

I am a volunteer at shows at what point do I need to be a member?

Why do officials have to pay?

I am a current life member do I need to pay a yearly fee now?

When do I need a rider license?

Is there an overseas guest membership?

I want to compete at HOY, Can I register my equine fully but use Discipline casual starts?

Do I need to be an ESNZ Introductory Member to compete in non-ESNZ disciplines such as breed classes or showing classes at the Horse of the Year show?

I am competing this weekend and have not sent in my registration/membership in yet, will this get done in time?

Why does ESNZ spend money on a marquee at Badminton?