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NEC Committees

Meet the dedicated team of volunteers who assist with running and developing the National Equestrian Centres for the benefit of all ESNZ members.

ESNZ maintains two National Equestrian Centres (NECs) at Taupo and McLean’s Island, Christchurch on land leased from the Department of Conservation and Environment Canterbury.

The NECs have been established for the benefit of all members of ESNZ.  The NECs are to be developed with the purpose of enhancing the experience of ESNZ members.

The National Equestrian Centre Committees consists of up to nine Committee Members made up of the following:

  • Convenor
  • Five Discipline appointees from Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Endurance and Para
  • The appointment of up to 3 further Committee Members
  • From time to time the NEC Committee may co-opt members

National Equestrian Centre Taupo Committee:

  • John Williamson – Dressage
  • John Stevenson – Endurance
  • Jenny Draper – Eventing
  • Jenny & Craig Booth – Jumping
  • Mark King – Appointed & Treasurer
  • Jennifer Millar – Co-opted
  • Peter & Debbie Barke – Co-opted
  • Paul Croucher – Appointed
  • Vicki Lawson – Appointed

Wallie Niederer – Convenor
Phone: 027 493 0652

National Equestrian Centre Christchurch Committee:

  • Soo Wells – Dressage
  • Sue Billigheimer – Endurance
  • Nick Pyke – Eventing
  • Gus Taylor – Jumping
  • Andrew Bruce – Appointed
  • Tony Roberts – Appointed

Don Robertson – Convenor