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Show Dates for 2019-2020

Find out which shows are holding Para Equestrian classes for the current season.

National Para Competition Dates 

 The majority of Dressage NZ events run Para-Dressage classes. 

Dressage NZ Events Calendar 2019 / 2020

Most groups do so on a “request basis”.  Some groups such as AMDG, Waikato and Canterbury run them at every event as there is a larger contingent of competing riders in their areas.

Should you wish to compete in a Para class at your local group then please contact the Organising Committee so they can schedule a class.

The class will be a “TOC” class which means Test-Of-Choice unless otherwise scheduled differently.  You must ride in your classified grade but may choose any of the available Para Dressage tests for your grade.  Eg, NZ tests, FEI Introductory tests or the FEI tests.  


  • You will need to contact the OC well beforehand so it can be scheduled.
  • Enter the class and email through a copy of your “Para Classification Card”.  If you are entering through Equestrian Entries then this is already in the system.
  • Email through a copy of the test you wish to ride.
  • It is also best practice to take the test sheet with you to the event to make sure the judge has the correct test.
  • As a small discipline it is also best practice and very much encouraged to offer to help the OC wherever possible and be the best possible competitor.  
  • It is also encouraged to ride your tests in the long arena at local events to minimise disruption to the other arenas and for the ease of timetabling the classes.  At Regional Championships and National events arenas are shortened for Grades I, II & III but at local days the long arena is used.
  • Not all areas have a listed Para judge so it is common to be judged by a “DNZ Listed” judge.  This is completely normal and will not affect your score.  Please be appreciative of anyone who judges your class.  

Should you have any questions or would like your local group contacted on your behalf then please contact your local Para Ambassador or Nicola Essex and they will liaise for you.




International CPEDI Competition Dates

Click here to download the 2019 – 2020 FEI CPEDI schedule