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Riders Meetings

Jumping recognises the importance of giving our riders a platform to voice any ideas or issues to improve our sport with regular riders meetings throughout the season.

Claire Wilson is the Riders Rep and will be hosting Riders Meetings at shows throughout the season.


Claire was appointed onto the board at the Rider’s AGM at Horse of the Year 2020 and will serve a two year term.

Her details can be found on our Jumping Contacts page as chair person of the Riders Committee.

Riders Meetings Schedule 2020-2021 Coming Soon


  • 2020-2021 Coming Soon
  • 2019-2020
  • 2018-2019

Riders Meeting Minutes 2020-2021 Coming Soon

Riders Meeting Minutes 2019-2020

23-25 October 2019 Hawkes Bay Royal A&P Minutes
23-24 November 2019

Ashburton Area Jumping and Show Hunter Minutes

19-22 December 2019 Taupo Christmas Classic Minutes
16-19 January 2020 National Show Jumping and Show Hunter Champs Minutes
10-15 March 2020 Horse of the Year –Minutes

Riders Meeting Minutes 2018-2019

29 September 2018 SCNO Jumping Show minutes
17 October 2018

Hawkes Bay A&P minutes

Talk from Rob Waddell – summary

1-2 December 2018 SCNO World Challenge Show
13-16 December 2018 Taupo CSI – Christmas Classic minutes
1-3 February 2019 National Show Jumping Championships
12-17 March 2019 Horse of the Year minutes