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Riders Information

Useful information and resources  for Riders

Proposed Membership Structure 
effective 1st August 2020

The following charts should enable members to get a better understanding of what the new requirements and benefits will be.

CTR Flowchart
Endurance Flowchart
CTR Membership Requirements
Endurance Membership Requirements


Summary of changes made to the FEI Endurance Rules for 2020


CTR Team Competition

New for the 2019-2020 season is a team competition for CTR riders.

This competition will run throughout the season culminating with  an annual award for the overall winning team.

Team Registration Form for 2020-2021

Team Competition Entry Form 2020-2021


Requirements to Enter Endurance and CTR Classes

These charts  show what you are eligible to enter  and what the membership and registration requirements for each class are.



ESNZ Requirements Flow Chart

Entering Your First CEI 1*

Before you  enter your first CEI 1* ride there are some things you need to know and do to ensure  your entry can  be accepted.



Mandatory Rest Periods (Stand Downs) for Horses

It is important to know when your horse can compete again after each ride.  To assist with this there is a form available that you can download and record   the ride details including the stand down your horse is on and when it can compete again