Para Equestrian Classification Research Project

 The FEI are funding a three-year study, which aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the effect of different impairment types on performance in Dressage. This information will inform recommendations for an evidence-based, sport-specific Classification system for Para Equestrian Dressage.


The FEI invite all Para Dressage and able-bodied Dressage Athletes who might be interested in participating in the next stage of this research, which involves a biomechanics study to quantify performance measures from riders during ridden tests on a riding simulator. The study also involves the quantification of impairment, using tests from the current FEI Classification system, as well as additional clinical measures of impairment. This information will be used to investigate and define measures of impairment, measures of performance and the strength of association between impairment and activity limitation, which will be used to inform the development of the current Para Dressage Classification system. 


Below you will find a Participant Information Sheet, which includes further details about the study. If athletes are interested in participating in this study, they should please take the time to read this Participant Information Sheet to decide whether they would like to take part. If they do, the Information Sheet provides details about how to contact the researchers to arrange their inclusion in the study. More information can also be found on the FEI Classification Research Page.


Please do not hesitate to contact the FEI Para Dressage department or the Principal Investigator of the study, Dr Sarah Jane Hobbs ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

Participant Information Sheet

Consent Form