ESNZ & NZPCA Covid Advice at Level 2

Following new communication received from Sport NZ affecting the gathering limits for community sport at level 2, effectively reintroducing a gathering limit of 100 persons, ESNZ and NZPCA have been working hard to interpret what this means for the running our events and activities.

We appreciate that this does mean that some more thought will need to be put into the running of larger events and we will continue to support our wonderful OC’s who run events for our members under covid restrictions.

We are providing these guidelines based on information from the Sport NZ advice, Covid advice at Level 2 and on the back of the shows/events we have run under Level 2 in the past.

Relevant Information from Sport New Zealand:

We have now clarified that the intent of the health order at Alert Level 2 is to limit community sport to social gatherings of 100 people, with no physical distancing in place allowing contact sport to be played.  Shifting these community sport requirements to align them with permissions at event facilities would lead to increased public health risk.   
As a result, our guidance has been amended to reflect that the activity of community sport (including community sport competitions and events) – regardless of venue, indoor or outdoor – should be considered a social gathering and as such, the 100 number cap applies, with no social distancing for participants while playing or competing. We appreciate that this is more restrictive than originally interpreted, but this is in line with the Health Order and designed to reduce the associated public health risk. 

While this talks of limits to 100 it also now refers to venues indoors or outdoors as sport should be considered a social gathering.

A social gathering under the covid advice is as follows:

Relevant information from Covid Site Level 2

 Private social gatherings at Alert Level 2

At Alert Level 2, you can host or attend a gathering of up to 100 people in any defined indoor or outdoor space.
The 100-person limit does not include workers providing services to a gathering

Defined spaces

A defined space is a single indoor or outdoor space separated from other spaces. If your venue has multiple defined spaces, you need to make sure the two groups do not mix. This means making sure you have separate entrances for shared areas — for example bathrooms or counters where people go up to order or pay.

Based on this information we recommend the following:

  1. We would look to run events with one or several Defined spaces of 100 depending on entries.
  2. Horse accommodation must be in the defined space of those 100 people.
  3. At any event we could have multiple areas referred to as shared spaces. These would in effect be our competition field of play.
  4. A competitor and groom/support person would leave their bubble to compete.
  5. There is a warmup area where social distancing must be adhered to and any grooms etc should be wearing face coverings and socially distancing from other individuals.
  6. The competitor would then complete their test/round etc and then return to the bubble from which they came.
  7. A competitor then could leave their bubble to compete in another shared space noting that all social distancing protocols are in place as per points 3,4,5 are followed.
  8. Every event has a COVID response plan circulated to all prior to the show and mandatory contact tracing is in place.
  9. Separate toilets are available for each defined space.
  10. Under new Alert Level 2 regulations events will be closed to the Public.
  11. There are no gatherings at the end of the day in any shared spaces.
  12. Public announcements are made at least 4 times during the day reminding everyone of their obligations.
  13. Failure to follow directives could see shows shut down or individuals removed from the event.

The safe running of our events is something that we take seriously so any event would need to ensure us that they can meet the guidelines above.

19 October 2021