Dear ESNZ Member,

ESNZ is about to move to a new database called HorseReg on 1 November 2021 and we need your help.

Due to data quality issues with the current system, an extensive data cleansing exercise is underway.  The data is coming with us to the new system, so it is important that we can fix as much as we can before migrating the data into the new database.  This will give the project the best opportunity for success.


ESNZ would appreciate if all members could double check their contact details in the database and update anything that is out of date.  This includes:

To edit your details, go to the “My Account” tab and click on more, then edit profile.

Any member who wishes to update their contact details and does not have a login to the current ESNZ database can contact the ESNZ membership team to be set up with a login or update their details over the phone at [email protected] or phone 04 499 8994.
If there are horses on your account that you no longer compete, own, which have been exported or are deceased you can also update these in the database so that they are not migrated to the new database.
To edit the status of your horse, go to the “My Equines” tab and click on the three blue dots on the right-hand side and select edit equine, then cancelled and select from the options available.
If you have received this communication and are no longer involved with ESNZ and do not wish for your data to be migrated to the new system please let us know at [email protected] or phone 04 499 8994.

The current database will not be available from 1 November.

Due to the amount of data we are migrating to the new system, it will take several days to migrate the data when we go live. This means that we will need to take registrations manually from 1-8 November while we are moving over to the new system.

The new database system will be launching on 9 November.

As with any project this size, there will be a teething period while we all get used to a new system, but we look forward to working through any issues and feedback with members and continuing to improve the system.

For more information about the launch of our new database checkout our website page at the following link:


There are a number of members with credits on their account.  These members are encouraged to use their credit if they can by the 28 October 2021.

Don’t know if you have a credit?

We will shortly be emailing those members with credits on their accounts to let them know how much they have in credit and how they can use this, donate it or have a coupon issued for it to be used in the new database.


As stated in our previous database update on 28 July please note the following:

Credit/debit card payments only from 9 November

The HorseReg system will only accept payment via Credit or Debit Card. From 1 November ESNZ will move to credit card / debit card only payments

The reasons for notifying members of this now is to:

  • enable members who do not have a credit or debit card to look into obtaining one
  • enable those members who still wish to pay this year’s registration by direct credit that they will need to do this prior to us closing off the current system for the data to be migrated into the new database – cut-off date for this is 28 October 2021.

We are working on the possibility of implementing PoliPay, however, this feature is unique to Interpodia clients in New Zealand and Australia and will require additional development and cost outside the current scope of the project so would not be able to be implemented prior to the 9 November launch.

Transaction fee charge from 9 November 2021

The new database will charge a 5% transaction fee.  This is made up of the following:

  • 3.5% – Interpodia transaction fee, this includes payment processor fee, with the remainder of the fee going to Interpodia to cover the use of their system.
  • 1.5% – will come back to ESNZ for ongoing maintenance and development of the ESNZ database.

The 5% transaction fee will come into effect on 9 November with the launch of the new system. Prior to this date the current fee structure will remain in place.