ESNZ Update

Kia ora to all our valued equestrian whānau,

On behalf of the team at Equestrian Sports New Zealand I want to acknowledge that many of you will be finding things challenging and that where possible, we’re here to help. This is also to update you on what we’re working on so that we are as well positioned as possible when we come out of lockdown, and what the rules are so that we reach that point as quickly as possible.

On a personal note, I have now been in the job for 80 days and have enjoyed meeting people at various events and the discipline AGMs.


The announcement of an ongoing lockdown in Auckland, an extension till 2359 Thursday in Northland and a move to Level 3 for the rest of the country is going to test us all. However, we have been here before and I know that by working together we will come out the other end of this lockdown ready to go again.

The current lockdown is having an impact on many events and I know each discipline is in contact with event organisers to see how we can re arrange dates for any affected events. We know this will not always be possible. The running of events at Level 2 has been done before and we will need to review if this is still the case under any new restriction announcements from government.

We want to ensure that when we can get back to competing, we are able to deliver safe and enjoyable events for competitors, your horses and your support teams.

There may be more requirements around the use of the Tracer App that we will need to work into our plans.

Can I ride my horse at level 4 and 3?

Level 4

If you are continuing to ride, only ride your horse within the boundaries of the property where it’s kept. Don’t transport your horse by float to ride somewhere else.

Level 3

Horse riding (away from private land) is a recreational activity and allowed under Alert Level 3. The key messages are:

  • keep it low risk
  • remain within your current abilities and don’t pick up new activities or discipline
  • ride in a local area, which you can do safely, and which does not involve interacting with other people from outside your bubble, or equipment touched by other people.

Click here for more on alert levels

Click here for cancelled or postponed events


While we are all stuck in our bubbles the team at ESNZ has been working on getting our new database up and running. The launch date is 1 November.

As part of this process, while we are all at home, please log on to your ESNZ account, EvoEvents and Main-Events accounts to make sure your contact details are up to date. While you are checking your EvoEvents and Main-Events accounts, please make sure that you update announcers’ notes for the new season.

Click here to find out more about how you can update your details.

Strategic Review

We are reviewing and developing our strategic direction for ESNZ for the next five years and aim to launch that later this year with implementation starting from 1 January , 2022.

We are working across disciplines to make sure that all voices are heard. We intend to get out around the country and present this to our members at several events. More details on this will follow.

Constitution Review

The working party, comprising discipline and Board members continues to work on this.  Our aim is to have a document ready for full discipline review by December 2021. The focus of our work is to ensure the ESNZ constitution is ‘fit for purpose’ and reflect the revision of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 which is before Parliament this year.

Tokyo Olympics

 With Tokyo now behind us we are reviewing our participation and performance with the teams that represented us in Tokyo.  High Performance Sport is also working with us on the review.

Our challenge always will be how we do better. That is our focus for the future and it is vitally important that we make sure we talk and listen to athletes and their support teams so we can continue to develop the high performance programs across our disciplines.

AGA 2021

The ESNZ Board confirmed that we will move the in-person AGA planned for the 28 September in Wellington online. The Board felt strongly that given the uncertainty surrounding alert levels and people having to make travel commitments this at least gave surety around the AGA and time for people to amend travel arrangements as required.

More detail will be forwarded with regards to the online delivery of the AGA over the next two weeks. The plan is to still run this on Tuesday 28 September.  To register your interest in attending the online AGA please email [email protected]

2021 Annual Report

The ESNZ Annual Report will be available prior to the AGA.  A printed copy of the Annual Report will also be available to any Member who is unable to view the report online.  If you wish to receive a printed copy of the Annual Report, please email [email protected]

Modifications to truck cabs

September marks the beginning of the busy equestrian competition season which involves many of our members trucking their horses and themselves to competitions. ESNZ is supportive of any safety initiatives which protect people and animals from accidents or harm. However, ESNZ are seeking advice in response to issues raised by our members relating to the application of the LT400 rule relating to COFs for horse trucks.

ESNZ members have highlighted their main concerns as follows:

  • The cost of an inspection being around $10,000, not including repairs from stripping some difficult, complex or high quality truck interiors
  • Difficulty getting a HVEC certified engineer inspection due to their availability, willingness to do the work and some citing a “lack of clarity” with the rules making them reluctant to take on the work.

The issue of the availability of HVEC inspectors has no doubt been exacerbated by the lockdown.  Given the impending competition season and the difficulty some members are having accessing a HVEC certified engineer inspection due to availability, ESNZ has written to NZTA asking for them to consider an extension to the timeframe to enable the inspection and any required remedial work to be carried out.

We will advise the outcome as soon as we have a response.

We’re here for you!

This is a reminder that we’re all still working from home and so if you need to get your registrations done, you still can! The team are available over email to help you with anything you need.

Now is the perfect time to register if you wish to still pay by direct credit and avoid the 5% transaction fee that will come into effect on 1 November with the launch of the new database.

Also beat the season and post lockdown rush and get your applications in today!

We can be contacted on: [email protected] or 04 499 8994 (urgent enquiries only) or through our social media platforms!

Right now, our focus is on ensuring our staff and members have all the support they need, and we welcome any queries or concerns you have. We will do our best to find the answers if we don’t already know them.

Please take care of yourselves and the ones around you. We will continue to provide updates via our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts to bring you the latest information as it comes to hand.

I look forward to meeting many more of you as the season kicks back into gear. In the meantime, if you feel like dropping me a note with any ideas or questions, please feel free to do so. We are always interested in feedback from you.


Kia Kaha


Julian Bowden
Chief Executive Officer
Equestrian Sports New Zealand
[email protected]