Equestrian Sport New Zealand (ESNZ) has recently fielded numerous enquiries relating to the conduct of an ESNZ member who has been charged with failing to comply with a Covid-19 health order by travelling from Auckland to Wanaka earlier this month.

ESNZ values integrity, honesty and social responsibility and may only act within the bounds dictated by its constitution and general regulations. The ability of ESNZ to conduct a disciplinary investigation into conduct of a member that has occurred outside of an ESNZ event is limited to circumstances where that conduct has the potential to bring ESNZ, or equestrianism in general into disrepute. The board of ESNZ will discuss whether any formal action could or should be taken by ESNZ in relation to this at the next scheduled ESNZ board meeting.

While we appreciate there is a high level of public interest in this case, ESNZ is unable to comment further while the matter is before the court.

Lynda Clark
ESNZ Board Chair.