We are so excited to tell you that the NZPH & ESNZ Star Spotters is back for the 2021-2022 season!

We absolutely love hearing from our Stars and hope you enjoy reading what Tessa Nicholls & Toni Trent (Erin Trent’s Mum) have sent through to us.

Tessa Nicholls, 2020-2021 Canterbury Star Spotter

Tessa Nichols & Quinn
Photo Credit: Bella Maitland

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Canterbury SJ & SH as one of the  ESNZ Star Spotters for the 2020/2021 season.

This was an amazing  opportunity and I am so grateful for everyone who was involved and helped me at the three Canterbury shows I was able to attend.

Last season was my first ever full season of show hunter,  now looking back I realise how much I had to learn. 

It was really nice to turn up at a show and know there were people I could ask if I needed help with something and it made me feel so supported.

 Having my mentor, the amazing Robyn Woods, was one  of the best parts of the star spotters scholarship.  It made sure that I didn’t make too many mistakes and that I learnt loads, while having lots of fun.

So much goes into preparation for these shows.

So iI would like to thank the judges ,volunteers behind the scenes , sponsors   and everyone at  show jumping Canterbury especially Robyn Woods, Lisa Clark, Dorothy Scott ,Lucy Maley and the event secretary Gail Power.

These shows could not be run without your hard work, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to our awesome sport.

Lastly, I would like to give a massive thankyou to my amazing wee horse, Quinn, who always gave me 100%. Also my awesome parents for supporting me, especially my mum, aka the taxi driver and unpaid groom.

I can’t wait for next season, and I  would like to wish the new star spotter  the best of  luck. I hope they have an amazing season and most importantly have heaps of fun. 

Thankyou Canterbury SJ & SH for selecting me. A huge thanks must go to ESNZ for their support of  “Newbies” to the sport.


Toni Trent, Erin’s Mum. Erin Trent, Central & Southern Hawkes Bay 2019-2020 Star Spotter

Erin absolutely LOVED her year being a Star Spotter Scholarship winner. She was certainly welcomed into the show community by all our wonderful hunt/show members. Brenda always came to see how she was getting on, Logan and Alexa always had time to have a chat, Bob and Simon would always say hi and ask how she was going. Jane would always introduce Erin as the C & SHB Star Spotter when she came into her arena. All these little gestures made Erin think show jumping was the coolest thing! She is well and truly hooked! 

She has certainly continued on with show jumping. Having found she has a very competitive streak and with no fear, she has her eye on being competitive all the way to the Olympic Cup at HOY on her future horse!

She learned about the highs and lows of competition. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are on your backside underneath a few poles!! She also learned that there is a great comradery, with her friends who have been supportive during the highs and lows. Great sportsmanship!

We couldn’t have wished for a better start to the world of show jumping. The pony has had a few gnarly injuries half way through both seasons now, putting a premature end to her seasons. However, this has just made Erin more determined to look after her pony, not thrash it and put in some training, ready to tackle the next season. 

She told me recently, she really doesn’t know if she likes hunting or show jumping the best!! So for now, we’ll keep doing them both!! 

The great thing about having this go year after year in each area, is that Erin knew the next winner, so Erin was able to chat to Viggo on the sidelines, making him feel welcome, too. And I am sure the same will happen for Viggo and the next winner. Building a community of support right from the bottom. Perfect. 

Thanks so much to the C&SHB SJ committee for selecting Erin for the scholarship. And of course to NZPH and Equestrian Sports NZ, for sponsoring this initiative. 


ESNZ Jumping Team
20 July 2021