Photo Credit: TheArtOfMichelleClarke

Congratulations to Claudia Faulkner, our last ESNZ Volunteer of the Month for 2020!

Marg Evans describes Claudia as “our truly amazing Event Secretary for ESNZ Eventing Canterbury”.

Claudia has been involved with the ESNZ Eventing Canterbury’s organising committee for over six years and put her hand up right from the start for the pivotal role of Event Secretary.

“We are so fortunate and grateful that she did!!” said Marg. “Eventing Canterbury hosts six events a year – three National and three FEI events – so the role of Event Secretary for our committee is HUGE in both the time commitment and the knowledge and understanding of eventing rules and systems required.

“Claudia manages every aspect of her role expertly and with the best interests of our riders foremost in her thoughts, all the while working fulltime teaching and producing and competing a team of horses to the upper levels of eventing.”

Claudia also manages to find time to help and support Eventing Canterbury’s Express and Twilight events and the Interschools event. Marg said that Claudia also actively supports ESNZ initiatives such as Change the Rein.

“Claudia has always demonstrated her willingness to support and encourage all riders and continues to do so,” said Marg. “She has a wealth of knowledge regarding rules and MERs around classes and is always happy to share her knowledge with riders in order for them to be able to compete at the level to which they aspire.”

Claudia is actively involved with local provincial Pony Clubs and is widely recognised in the Canterbury area for her willingness to coach and support younger riders transitioning from pony club events to ESNZ events.

Geraldine Rae, on behalf of Canterbury Area Pony Club, said: “Canterbury Area Pony Club has been extremely fortunate to have Claudia take on a committee position. She took on this role at the age of 21. It unusual to have young members willing to give back to their sport, and yet Claudia agreed to this role during a difficult time for the Area getting members to commit to joining the committee.

Geraldine said that Claudia quickly gained the respect of all members with her drive, dedication, conscientious and unflustered approach.

“She has a great working relationship with the Area Committee and is a valued member. We are amazed with her time management skills. She somehow manages to divide her time to be a teacher, volunteer within our sector of the equestrian sport and to Eventing Canterbury, all the while being a competitive and talented rider!”

All riders, regardless of age or experience, find Claudia approachable and always willing to go out of her way to answer any questions they have (no matter how many times she may have answered the same question that day and no matter how busy she may be at the time) and it is always with a welcoming smile and a friendly demeanour.

When timetabling an event, Claudia does her utmost to ensure that any special requests riders have are accommodated, where possible, and that all riders are treated equally. Riders new to eventing, know that she is available throughout the event to offer whatever help she can about the many questions and concerns that arise.

“Claudia is an excellent communicator, a passionate and fantastic ambassador for our sport and we appreciate her as a committee colleague and friend. In our opinion, there is no-one more deserving of this award than Claudia. Thank you, Claudia – you are our Super Star and a fantastic person to boot. We celebrate with you each and every success you have – all achieved through dedication, commitment, talent and hard work and are all so well deserved,” said Marg.

A mention of Claudia’s main support crew should also be made – her mum, Helen – without whose help Claudia could not do as much as she does as successfully as she does it. Helen is also a valued Eventing Canterbury Organising Committee member and Claudia’s husband, Alex, also a committee member and, without doubt, Claudia’s number one supporter!

ESNZ Volunteer of the Month receives a gift in recognition of their contribution; Claudia’s is on its way to her.

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