It was a breath of fresh air for Olivia Robertson to be back in the winner’s circle after her victory aboard Grandaire today in the ESNZ Horse Grand Prix at the Ashburton Area Showjumping and Show Hunter Show.

The 25-year-old from Queenstown has had a bit of a rough start to the season and been unwell with glandular fever and pneumonia. This was just her third show of the season and their first Grand Prix start. She has been riding Grandaire – or Teddy as he is known at home – since he was a five year old and brought him from Holland with her.

“I am absolutely thrilled with today,” said Olivia. “He has been jumping fantastically. The four faults in the first round came when I added a stride down a line which was a bit silly. He tried his guts out to jump over it but took the back rail.”

Her plan for the second round had been a clear. “I knew the mistake earlier had been mine but I also knew the others would be fast enough so I put my foot down a little more to try for a decent placing.”

She felt Roger Laplanche’s course had been very technical which suited her well. “Teddy is very ridable so technical is good for us. It was just so cool getting out there again . . . and to win!”

She says Teddy is simply her “wee mate”. “He has the personality of a giant teddy bear and would sit on the couch with you if he could.”

Six started the ESNZ Horse Grand Prix with four coming back for the second round. Todd Magner (Hokitika) and Awatuna Jonesy were the only ones to go clear in the opener but a rail in the second round proved costly and he had to settle for third with his 65.53 second time.

Second placed Molly Buist-Brown (Christchurch) and Vali carried four from the first round but were all clear in their 60.55 second round while Olivia had four in the opener but was clear in 59.06 in the second to take the win.

In the two-round Country TV Pony Grand Prix, seven of the eight starters came back for the second where eventual winner Johanna Wylaars (Christchurch) aboard Wembleybrook Tiffany finished with four faults in 62.11 seconds, just ahead of runner-up Jessica Hore (Millers Flat) and Tallyho Scoundrel who were also on four but stopped the clock at 63.36 seconds.


Results –


Showjumping, ESNZ Horse Grand Prix: Olivia Robertson (Queenstown) Grandaire 1, Molly Buist-Brown (Christchurch) Vali 2, Todd Magner (Hokitika) Awatuna Jonesy 3, Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) Flying Dutchman DHU 4, Katie Meredith (Ohoka) Westgrove GNZ 5.


Country TV Pony Grand Prix: Johanna Wylaars (Christchurch) Wembleybrook Tiffany 1, Jessica Hore (Millers Flat) Tallyho Scoundrel 2, Emma Gillies (Oamaru) Benrose Eclipse 3, Emma Gillies (Oamaru) Benrose Starlight 4, Molly Moffatt (Christchurch) Te Ngaio Raggamuffin 5, Emma Gillies (Oamaru) Benrose Playtime 6.


Harrison Lane Pro-Amateur Rider Series: Kirsty Sharapoff (Christchurch) Shoot the Breeze 1, Victoria Brown (Oamaru) RH Renamour 2, Becky Harkerss (Kaikoura) Kettle GNZ 3, Angus Taylor (Ohoka) Sea Coral 4, Emily Cammock (Christchurch) Shaw Lee 5, Nicole White (Invercargill) Lil LeRoux 6.


FMG Young Rider Series: Molly Buist-Brown (Christchurch) Vali 1, Peita Milne (Nelson) Ngahiwi Warrior 2, Makenzie Causer (Christchurch) Finch Farm Lasall 3, Margot Curtis (Amberley) Double J Barista 4, Grace Manera (Christchurch) Cazette HSH 5, Sophie Townsend (Darfield) Kingslea Kiwi 6.


Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider Series: Molly Moffatt (Christchurch) Glenmark 1, Samantha Gillies (Oamaru) Socrates De La Ve Z 2, Meg Bisset (Blenheim) Bewitched NZPH 3, Olivia Adams (Christchurch) Castelada II 4, Maygen Gubb (Oamaru) Amazing Grace 5, Anna Nalder (Cust) Icebreaker II 6.


Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series: Amanda Roy (Gore) Rumours NZPH 1, Harriet Gardner (Waimate) PL Queen of Hearts 2, David Hutton (South Canterbury) Rolux 3, Elizabeth Bell (Ashburton) Archie Amor 4, Sonia McKerchar (Oamaru) Edward NZPH 5, Emma Waite (Ashburton) Renoir NZPH 6.


Matthews Hanoverians Seven-Year-Old Series: Rose Alfeld (Leeston) Eye Catcher NZPH 1, Molly Buist-Brown (Christchurch) Mountain Eutopia 2, Rosa Buist-Brown (Christchurch) Bellick ST 3, Victoria Brown (Oamaru) RH Renamour 4, Olivia Robertson (Queenstown) Casino GNZ 5, Sally Spicer (Christchurch) Corrine HSH 6.


UltraMox Six-Year-Old Series: Molly Moffatt (Christchurch) Ataahua Mana, Makenzie Causer (Christchurch) Quantico GNZ and Katie Meredith (Ohoka) Vulcan GNZ =1.


East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series: Amy McMullan (Timaru) Pure Cascade and Makenzie Causer (Christchurch) Lord Axel GNZ =1.



Show hunter,

NRM Open High Points Series: Emily Cammock (Christchurch) Shaw Lee 1, Jayne Barclay (Woodend) Kinsella Louie 2, Colleen Marett (Temuka) Attenborough 3, Georgia Allison (Oxford) Velocette 4, Sarah Ormandy (Canterbury) La Dama Vegas 5.


ESNZ Amateur Rider Series: Colleen Marett (Temuka) Attenborough 1, Sarah Ormandy (Canterbury) La Dama Vegas 2, Carrie Findlay (Swannanoa) Kiwi Award 3, Andrew Munro (Christchurch) Ngahiwi Gandalf 4, Jayne Barclay (Woodend) Kinsella Louie 5.


Gyro Plastics Junior High Points: Pippa Collins (Palmerston) First Lady 1, Sophie Rosanowski (Rangiora) Bellwood O’Banion 2, Rosa Buist-Brown (Christchurch) Bellick ST 3, Georgia Allison (Oxford) Velocette 4.


Petticoat Lane Sport Horses Equitation Series: Emily Cammock (Christchurch) Shaw Lee 1, Kate Mullins (Ohoka) Cowboy Cool 2, Colleen Marett (Temuka) Attenborough 3, Sarah Ormandy (Canterbury) La Dama Vegas 4, Michelle Soper (Christchurch) Scissor Kicks 5.


ESNZ Show Hunter Junior Equitation Series: Pippa Collins (Palmerston) First Lady 1, Ruby Taane (Christchurch) Struck by Lightning 2, Georgia Allison (Oxford) Velocette 3, Ruby Knightbridge (Hokitika) Awatuna Spring Reign 4, Sophie Rosanowski (Rangiora) Bellwood O’Banion 5.


ESNZ Show Hunter Under-12 Equitation Series: Lucy Honeywell (Ashburton) Starlight Indrani 1, Summer Roy (Gore) Lakewood Falcon 2, Olivia Mehrtens (Rangiora) My Gemma Bear 3, Amanda Roy (Gore) Benrose Comet 4, Paige Noble-Wakelin (Christchurch) Cullerlie Pen Y Bryn 5.


Float Factory Cat A High Points Series: Summer Roy (Gore) Lakewood Falcon 1, Amanda Roy (Gore) Benrose Comet 2, Bianca Reynolds (Rangiora) Sunny Brae Patrick 3, Oliver Mehrtens (Rangiora) My Gemma Bear 4.


Fiber Fresh Cat B High Points Series: Caseylee Gubb (Oamaru) Eyredale Enchantend Radiance 1, Lily Trolove (Christchurch) A Silver Lining 2, Lucy Honeywell (Ashburton) Starlight Indrani 3, Anna Smith (Wyndham) Starlight Smarda 4, Olivia Dampier-Crossley (Rotherham) Haven Witchhazel 5.


Sure Grip Mats Equitation Series: Ellie Templeton (Middlemarch) He’s Pryceless 1, Steffi Whittaker (Canterbury) Daisy Dream 2, Sophie Sauer (Methven) Gryffindor Robinson 3, Martha McRae (Hanmer Springs) Windward Fable 4, Johanna Wylaars (Christchurch) Dingmac Fable 5.


Aniwell Cat C High Points Series: Ellie Templeton (Middlemarch) He’s Pryceless 1, Steffi Whittaker (Canterbury) Daisy Dream 2, Raewyn Adams (Christchurch) Belladonna 3, Eliza Dalzell (Christchurch) Sweet Adagio 4.


November 22, 2020

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