Steady won the day for Ella Rae-Wood and Tallyho Primrose in the Country TV Pony Grand Prix at the Marlborough Area Spring Jumping Show today.

The Greymouth combination came home nearly four seconds slower than runners-up Johanna Wylaars (Christchurch) and Wembleybrook Tiffany, but more importantly left everything in its cups.

Peita Milne (Nelson) had a great show with her team, taking the quinella in the FMG Young Rider Series class with Ngahiwi Warrior and Global PH Mylorde, and then later winning the  Cavalleria Toscana Horse Mini Prix aboard Ngahiwi Warrior.

It was also a good outing for Rose Alfeld (Leeston) who won the Harrison Lane Pro-Amateur Rider Series class with My Super Nova, took out the Matthews Hanoverians Seven-Year-Old Series class with Eye Catcher NZPH and was first equal in the East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series class with Celebration ECPH.

Anna Nalder (North Canterbury) was victorious in the Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider Series class with Icebreaker II with Georgia McClintock (Cheviot) and WHF Eclipse winning the Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider class.

Results –

Showjumping, Country TV Pony Grand Prix: Ella Rae-Wood (Greymouth) Tallyho Primrose 1, Johanna Wylaars (Christchurch) Wembleybrook Tiffany 2, Meg Bisset (Blenheim) Freestyle Twyst & Shout 3.

FMG Young Rider Series: Peita Milne (Nelson) Ngahiwi Warrior 1, Peita Milne (Nelson) Global PH Mylorde 2, Sarah Peterson (Ohoka) Dubai II 3.

Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider Series: Anna Nalder (North Canterbury) Icebreaker II  1, Olivia Adams (Christchurch) Castelada II 2, Madeline Haugh (Parnassus) Astek Napoleon 3, Kirk Magner (Hokitika) Awatuna Moonlight Madam 4, Jakob Pascoe (North Canterbury) Bravo 5.

Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series: Georgia McClintock (Cheviot) WHF Eclipse 1, Taryn Beattie (Nelson ) Crusader Xtreme 2, Tessa Silcock (Nelson) TMS Vincenzo 3, Kerry Winterbourn (West Melton) Coco La Lune 4, Tamara Silcock (Nelson) FF Lisandro 5, Tessa Silcock (Nelson) TMS Tulip 6.

Harrison Lane Pro-Amateur Rider Series: Rose Alfeld (Leeston) My Super Nova 1, Becky Harkerss (Kaikoura) Kettle GNZ 2, Jess Land (Canterbury) Emilio MSH 3, Courtney Townsend (Darfield) Corofina ECPH 4, Angus Taylor (Ohoka) Sea Coral 5, Helen Ensor (Blenheim) Zactac Carnival 6.

Matthews Hanoverians Seven-Year-Old Series: Rose Alfeld (Leeston) Eye Catcher NZPH 1.

UltraMox Six-Year-Old Series: Kirk Magner (Hokitika) Awatuna Moonlight Madam, Rose Alfeld (Leeston) Footloose NZPH and Katie Meredith (Ohoka) Vulcan GNZ =1.

East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series: Rose Alfeld (Leeston) Celebration ECPH and Sophie Geddes (Tai Tapu) Dangerous Dave =1.

Cavalleria Toscana Horse Mini Prix: Peita Milne (Nelson) Ngahiwi Warrior 1, Todd Magner (Hokitika) Awatuna Jonesy 2, Rose Alfeld (Leeston) My Super Nova 3, Sarah Peterson (Ohoka) Westgrove GNZ 4, Jess Land (Canterbury) Emilio MSH 5.

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By Diana Dobson

October 11, 2020