All riders and horses participating in FEI competitions (CCI, CIC, CSI-W, CDI-W, CEI) must be registered on the FEI Database. The FEI Registration is valid for one calendar year – from 1 January to 31 December. ESNZ collects the charges on behalf of the FEI and enters the details provided into the FEI Database.

An FEI Passport is required in FEI competition from 3* competitions upwards (4* for Eventing).  To obtain an FEI Horse Passport or complete a new FEI Horse Passport Registration, the horse must:

  1. Have a current ESNZ Full Equine Registration.
  2. Be recorded with the correct owners.
  3. Have a current FEI ID number or National Passport on Record with ESNZ.
  4. Have a microchip.

How long does an FEI passport take to be completed?

If you are requiring an FEI passport for your horse, please allow at least 4 weeks before your intended competition (within NZ). 

If you require the passport urgently a $20 rush fee will apply, please allow 7 working days for the turn-around of an urgent passport.  However, to avoid disappointment please get your application underway sooner rather than later.

How much does an FEI Passport cost?

The cost of an FEI Passport is $360, plus postage and is valid for 4 years.

ESNZ acknowledges that the cost of an FEI passport is high, however, ESNZ does not make any profit on this product, it is merely covering its costs.

If you are unsure about whether you need to be FEI registered or require an FEI passport, checkout out easy to understand flow diagrams to assist you in determining what FEI requirements you need in order to complete.  Click here.