NZL-Alix Campbell rides Astek Robina during the Quality Presentations Senior II Class. Final-1st.

NZL-Bronwyn Cooper rides Kalimna Prestige, and mother, Vaughn Cooper rides River Jim during the Prizegiving.

NZL-Rebecca Mobberley rides Sayonara FE during the Exclusively Yours Youth 12 – 16 years.

Fetterman Trophy Winner: Diane Wallace and KP Dexter, during the Prizegiving.

NZL-Mikayla Wildermoth rides Thumbellina II during the Exclusively Yours Youth 12 – 16 years. Final-1st. 2020

The fabulous line-up during the Prizegiving. 2020 NZL-Livamol FEI Dressage World Challenge.

The winners of the Exclusively Yours Youth 12 – 16 years during the Prizegiving.

The winners of the Syncroflex Lt Prix St Georges
















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The Livamol NZL Section FEI Dressage World Challenge provided many riders their first FEI competition experience in Masterton achieving both the FEI  and Dressage NZ strategic goal of developing more riders toward the FEI levels and the experience of FEI rules.

It the first time the new format FEI CHILDRENS TESTS had been used in NZL. One judge sits at C judging the technical aspects of the test, and the Chief Judge at E assessing the overall rider basic correctness and skill foundation shown in the test.  For more detail about this view the article in the most recent DRESSAGE NZ BULLETIN

NZL is one of a limited number of countries to host the CHALLENGE in this COVID decimated international competition season but two further countries in our ZONE, China and Taipei are scheduled to run in mid November  &  December respectively so the team competition is still very much alive.

A huge thanks to all riders who supported the event, travelling from Helensville in the north and Marlborough in the south, all the organising committee, and our sponsors. Congratulations to all winners and placegetters 

  Exclusively Yours Youth 12 – 16 years

   234100  Mikayla Wildermoth                         Thumbellina II                         Waitara                                71.03%   1

   249547  Rebecca Mobberley                         Sayonara FE                          MASTERTON                        68.95%   2

    27983  Frankie Lawn                                Kirkwood GREENLIGHT             New Plymouth                       67.73%   3

   247410  Mikayla Wildermoth                         Don Douglas CFH                    Waitara                                67.68%   4

   247659  Piper Crake                                  Glenvar Bramble                      Helensville                            67.53%   5

   235944  Samantha Wells                             Gangnam Style                        Hamilton                              66.15%   6

Aussie Equine Supplies Senior I                       

   252094  Vaughn Cooper                              River Jim                               Hunterville                            71.89%   1

   252124  Bronwyn Cooper                             Kalimna Prestige                      Hunterville                            71.85%   2

   249664  Cindy Wiffin                                  Santana MH                           Hastings                               66.94%   3

   239926  Simone van der Plas                        Andante                                Te Horo                                66.49%   4

   284841  Belinda Greenfield                          L’homme du jour                      Waikanae                             65.86%   5

   247779  Tania Taylor                                  Danseur AV                            Warkworth                            65.58%   6

Quality Presentations Senior II

   234037  Alix Campbell                                Astek Robina                          Waitemata                            66.06%   1

   221388  Louise Duncan                               Wolkenstein BC                       Levin                                   65.99%   2

   284889  Frankie Webb                                Artistry                                  Levin                                   62.99%   3

Syncroflex Ltd Prix St Georges

   247083  Diane Wallace                               KP Dexter                              Blenheim                              68.97%   1

   236527  Kim Schwass                                Sparks will Fly                         Otaki                                    65.96%   2

   232307  Louise Duncan                               Northern Ivanthus                     Levin                                   65.29%   3

Livamol Intermediate I

   236037  Chelsea Callaghan                          Sisters II Etta J                         Ohariu Valley.                        66.91%   1

 235570  Liz Hutson                                      Hapsburg PSH                 Upper Hutt                      63.46%   2

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