NZL-Jesse Campbell rides Diachello. File Photo. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

There are plenty of New Zealand flags sprinkled through the top 10 combinations across all three classes at the end of the dressage at the L’international de Lignieres en Berry in France.

Kiwis fill the fifth to eight slots in the CCI4*-L with Jesse Campbell fifth on Diachello with a score of 28.7 penalty points and sixth aboard Amsterdam 21 on 28.8. Tim Price and Falco are in seventh on 28.9 and Samantha Lissington aboard Ricker Ridge Sooty GNZ eighth on 29.5 in the 36-strong field. There is less than a single showjumping rail across the top eight.

Tim and Spartaco scored 31.1 and Tayla Mason aboard Centennial 36. Thomas Carlile (FRA) and Birmane lead the pack on 25.8.

Jonelle Price is fifth, sixth and 10th in the CCI3*-L, sitting on 29.8 with Faerie Magnifico, 29.9 on Curly Girl and 31 aboard Killbunny Andy. Tayla and Gino Gingerino sit on 35.5 with Jesse and Cooley Lafitte finished the day on 37.8 in the 65-strong class.

Alexander Bragg (GBR) and Zagreb lead the way on 27.5 in another very tight leaderboard with the top 13 all covered by a single rail.

Jonelle is also the best of the Kiwis in the CCO2*-S, sitting in sixth spot on Diamante on a score of 28.6 penalty points. Jesse and Shadow Sister scored 34.2 with Zazie Gardeau (FRA) and Cesar de Commarin LA leading on 26.1.


Spartaco – owned by Tim and Jonelle Price
Falco – owned by Sue Benson
Centennial – owned by Sue Rutter, Tayla and Sonya Mason
Diachello – owned by Kent Gardner and Jesse Campbell
Amsterdam – owned by Craig Campbell
Ricker Ridge Sooty GNZ – owned by Pip McCarroll and Samantha Lissington
Faerie Magnifico – owned by Trisha Rickards
Curly Girl – owned by Kate Holmes, Jackie Olivier, Kate Amin, and Ben and Lucy Sangster
Killbunny Andy – owned by Therese Miller and Constance Edmundson
Gino Gingerino – owned by Jeremy Young
Cooley Lafitte – owned by Jay Jaffar
Shadow Sister – owned by Kent Gardner and Jesse Campbell
Diamante II – owned by Joanne Pullan

By Diana Dobson – HP Media Liaison