Redcliffs Colour Me In may be an argumentative, rather stroppy and opinionated little mare but today she is the apple of her rider’s eye after victory in the Country TV Pony Grand Prix at the Eastern Bay Showjumping and Show Hunter Show in Te Teko.

Twelve started the class with six coming back for the jump-off where the top three all kept clean slates. Sixteen-year-old Keira and Redcliffs Colour Me In were true to form with their speedy 35.03-second round, with Crystal Hackett (Waiuku) and the very solid The Dreamer filling second in 37.57 and Georgie Wilson (Taupo) aboard Showtym Boss third in 43.35 seconds.

It is just the second outing for the season for Keira and Redcliffs Colour Me In but by no means their first Grand Prix win. “It was a lovely course out there with nice corners and a good flow but had lots of combinations so was a bit tricky,” says Keira. “My plan was just to go clear in the first round but in the second I wanted to give it a good go.”

They followed Crystal in the jump-off and Keira knew they would need to be on their game to beat her rather impressive time. “I sliced corners wherever I could!”

Redcliffs Colour Me In is not an easy ride, but Keira says once they are in the ring, she’s all business. “I love that she is clean and quick. She hasn’t always been speedy at Grand Prix level but she is starting to get there.”

The nine-year-old pintaloosa mare is owned by Keira’s mum Cindy Page. “I am really happy about today,” says Keira who has her sights set on a top three spot in the Pony Grand Prix Series for the season. Keira has been trained by Tim Featherston since she was just seven. 


Results –

Showjumping, Country TV Pony Grand Prix: Keira Page (Mystery Creek) Redcliffs Colour Me In 1, Crystal Hackett (Waiuku) The Dreamer 2, Georgie Wilson (Taupo) Showtym Boss 3, Zara Main (Auckland) Blue Crush 4, Rylee Sheehan (Te Aroha) Tony the Pony 5, Sacha Thomas (Mercer) Beauregard 6. 

Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider Series: Georgie Wilson (Taupo) Forest Hill 1, Crystal Hackett (Waiuku) Lillyberg SL 2, Georgia Bouzaid (Cambridge) Vitess 3, Jas Flowerday (Havelock North) Hit Parade 4, Lucas Bremner (Te Kauwhata) Dynavyte Cancion HSH 5, Aleisha Bradly (Manawahe) Caprio 6.

Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series: Jeremy Clark (Cambridge) Dynavyte Cancion HSH 1, Ashley Johnston (Wellington) Miss Vee NZPH 2, Fleur Butler (Tauranga) Matawhero Luciano 3, Jacob Thompson (Hamurana) Cardinal GNZ 4, Emma Deadman (Taupo) Super Duper 5, Emma Deadman (Taupo) Avichii AF 6.

Harrison Lane Pro-Amateur Rider Series: Larina Dolman (Gisborne) Kiwi Lansing 1, Robbie McKay (Opotiki) Jacksons Gold 2, Lynette Jackson (Brookby) Fortissimo 3, Abby Fawcett (Ohaupo) Hillman Hunter 4.

FMG Young Rider Series: Georgia Bouzaid (Cambridge) AP Ninja 1, Rylee Sheehan (Te Aroha) Bandito NZPH 2, Tyla Hackett (Waiuku) Global PH Cocofino 3, Bobbie Hewson (Taupo) Ngahiwi Blue Moon 4, Amber Riddell (Cambridge) Berry Desayo 5.

FMG Horse Mini Grand Prix: Tyla Hackett (Waiuku) Global PH Cocofino 1, Bobbie Hewson (Taupo) Ngahiwi Blue Moon 2, Isabel Devcich (Cambridge) WPS Vavoom 3, Lucas Bremner (Whangarei) Triple Star Destiny’s Accolade 4, Aleisha Bradly (Manawahe) Caprio 5, Crystal Hackett (Waiuku) Lillyberg SL 6.


Show hunter, NRM Horse High Points Series: Michaelee Head (Cambridge) Miss Mandy 1, Alice Barrow (Rotorua) Cliebrig Cleopatra 2, Victoria How (Taupo) Kiwi Icon 3,Lauren Mitchell (Kumeu) Craighaven Black Heart 4, Michael Morton-Beetham (Cambridge) Quidditch 5, Annabelle Smart (Hamilton) This Beautiful Day 6.

Gyro Plastics Junior High Points Series: Michaelee Head (Cambridge) Miss Mandy 1, Libby Wilson (Taupo) Hokey Pokey 2, Sophie Hobbs (Hamilton) Gallifray Opie Wan Kenopi 3, Lauren Mitchell (Kumeu) Sonny Bill 4, Lauren Mitchell (Kumeu) Craighaven Black Heart 5, Alice Barrow (Rotorua) Cliebrig Cleopatra 6.

Amateur High Points Series: Andrea Kewish (Cambridge) Kotahi II 1, Kelly Janssen (Taupo) Midway Paris 2, Claudia Odlin (Benneydale) Rei Huia Arnie 3, Victoria How (Taupo) Kiwi Icon 4, Theresa Lee (Taupo) Mr Ollie Bear 5, Michael Morton-Beetham (Cambridge) Quidditch 6.

Petticoat Lane Performance Horse Adult Equitation Series: Claudia Odlin (Benneydale) Rei Huia Arnie 1, Victoria How (Taupo) Kiwi Icon 2, Jacob Thompson (Hamurana) Saltaire Sorcerer BV 3.

ESNZ Junior Equitation Series: Lauren Mitchell (Kumeu) Sonny Bill 1, Michaelee Head (Cambridge) Miss Mandy 2, Libby Wilson (Taupo) Hokey Pokey 3, Sophie Hobbs (Hamilton) Gallifray Opie Wan Kenopi 4, Maddy Ireton (Whakatane) Double Shot Latte 5.

ESNZ Show Hunter 12 and Under Equitation Series: Vienna Wilson (Taupo) Ashbury Robin Hood 1.

Float Factory Cat A High Points Series: Isla Scheres (Putaruru) Vanese Jazzup 1, Charli Robinson (Edgecombe) Ty Gwyn Martini 2, Charlotte Rich (Rotorua) SVS Frank Sinatra 3.

Fiber Fresh Cat B High Points Series: Ella Rouse (Gisborne) Ruby Tunes 1, Vienna Wilson (Taupo) Ashbury Robin Hood 2, Ella Smart (Matamata) Percy 3, Charlotte Schweizer (Rerewhakaaitu) Kaimai Hippy Chick 4, Wiremu Priest (Rotorua) Hopes N Dreams 5, Lulu Tomlinson (Gisborne) My Sweet Nevaeh 6.

Aniwell Cat C High Points Series: Lauren Mitchell (Kumeu) Mahachi Gold Rosado KF 1, Amelia Newsom (Tauranga) Mr Mexico 2, Charli Robinson (Edgecombe) Black Shadow 3, Crystal-Jaz Hudson (Opotiki) Costiera Amalfi 4, Charlotte Schweizer (Rerewhakaaitu) Kaimai Upstart 5, Kirsten Syben (Tokoroa ) Indiana Magic 6.

Sure Grip Mats Pony Equitation Series: Lauren Mitchell (Kumeu) Mahachi Gold Rosado KF 1, Minnie Davies (Tauranga) My Banjo 2, Charlotte Schweizer (Rerewhakaaitu) Kaimai Upstart 3, Amelia Newsom (Tauranga) Mr Mexico 4, Wiremu Priest (Rotorua) Out of the Mist 5, Ellen Thompson (Tauranga) Windward Carlisle 6.


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By Diana Dobson

October 11, 2020