Briar Burnett-Grant and her feisty roan Fiber Fresh Veroana have notched a solid early season win with victory this afternoon in the ESNZ Horse Grand Prix at the Central Districts Showjumping and Show Hunter Spring Show in Foxton.

The Taupo combo were the only ones in the 12-strong field to go clear in the opening round and unsurprisingly clocked the fastest time, not that it was needed. “The aim is to get some good clear rounds under my belt before we start in the World Cup at Hastings – consistency is the key here,” says 20-year-old Briar.

She was last in the field to go but didn’t watch any of the others go. “I like to have my own idea in my head and stick to it. I think it all went pretty well and he was jumping really good. I am very happy for the win.”
This was just their second outing of the current season which has the World Cup as the big focus. “I would have liked to maybe have gone to Aussie but that’s not going to happen now so we will have to make do with what we have here.”

Briar says the 12-year-old Indoctro gelding has come back for the 2020-21 season his usual “wild self” but that’s just how she likes him. She’s hopeful she will ditch her last fence bogey of the previous season. “I want to be top three in the World Cup Series again, have a win and not have those last rails down!”

The Horse Grand Prix (sponsored by Canterbury Equestrian) win capped off an excellent show for Briar – she and Fiber Fresh Delphine NZPH won the 1.35m class yesterday and she and Fiber Fresh Veroana were also second in the FMG Young Rider Series class.

Ten started the Country TV Pony Grand Prix (sponsored by Preebles Equestrian) with five coming back for the jump-off. In the end it came down to a two-pony battle with Julianne Revfeim (New Plymouth) aboard Spot You Later taking the win nearly five full seconds clear of the also-clear runner-up Lucy Buchanan (Hastings) on Redcliffs Colour Me Quick.

Results –

Showjumping, ESNZ Horse Grand Prix (sponsored by Canterbury Equestrian): Briar Burnett-Grant (Taupo) Fiber Fresh Veroana 1, Annabel Francis (Taupo) Cherokee NZPH 2, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Gold Locks 3, Annabel Francis (Taupo) Carado GHP 4, Heloise Tolo (Ohariu Valley) Kiwi Bird 5, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Central Park 6.

Country TV Pony Grand Prix (sponsored by Preebles Equestrian): Julianne Revfeim (New Plymouth) Spot You Later 1, Lucy Buchanan (Hastings) Redcliffs Colour Me Quick 2, Penny Borthwick (Masterton) Foxdens Merlot 3, Annie Moffett (Napier) Piripi 4, Clementine Coates (Hawke’s Bay) Vapour Trail NZPH 5, Lily Moore (Havelock North) Fun House 6.

Harrison Lane Pro-Amateur Rider Series (sponsored by Equi-Vets): Tanya Hansen (Taranaki) Euro Champagne 1, Amanda Illston (Masterton) Iguazu 2, Bailey Rutter (Balclutha) Henton Serenade 3, Sally Clark (Dannevirke) Victoria’s Secret 4, Nicholas O’Leary (Whanganui) Obeone Kanobe 5, Lucy Fell (Palmerston North) Faratona STS 6.

Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series (sponsored by Lease Solutions NZ Ltd): Emily Kozlowski (Carterton) Double J Wilma 1, Kaleigh Kent (Otane) Double J Sponge Bob Square Pants 2, Ali Hilton (Upper Hutt) Willowridge Surprise 3, Brent Anderson (New Plymouth) Detailed MSH 4, Josh Lavelle (Palmerston North) Meersbrooke Southern Man 5, Tasha Hart (Hastings) Kiwi Windfall 6.

FMG Young Rider Series (sponsored by Cartown): Samantha Carrington (Takapau) Double J Breeze On 1, Briar Burnett-Grant (Taupo) Fiber Fresh Veroana 2, Ally Carson (Putaruru) Whiorau Ritchie 3, Annabel Francis (Taupo) Cherokee NZPH 4, Charlotte Wear (Taupo) Double Shott NZPH 5, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Lakota 6.

Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider Series (sponsored by Jump-a-Bull): Kimberly Carrington (Takapau) Double J Barmaid 1, Annie Moffett (Napier) Samantha the Dashshund 2, Tara Gower (Ohura) Double J Image 3, Francesca Corich van der Bas (Paraparaumu) LDS Lavanda 4, Francesca Corich van der Bas (Paraparaumu) LDS Carado 5, Tim Wilson (Waipukurau) McMillans Chuck 6.

Matthews Hanoverians Seven-Year-Old Series (sponsored by Tenua Engineering): Kate Herdson (Clevedon) Juneau SSNZ 1, Dirk Waldin (Havelock North) LT Holst Cor Blimey 2, Anna Parsons (Feilding) Snapchat Me 3.

UltraMox Six-Year-Old Series (sponsored by Kate Hyde artist): Mackenzie Barclay (Taupo) Corolitta ECPH, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Final Warrior, Jesse Linton (Hastings) Keltern William, John MacLennan (Waipukurau) Tolley, Sacha Rennie (Palmerston North) Meersbrooke Stolen Kiss, Shanae McKay (Levin) ME Joy Ride II, Samantha Carrington (Takapau) Double J Hurricane and Jaime Campbell (Otaki) Corocat Xtreme =1.

East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series (sponsored Fiber Fresh): Ingrid Herdson (Auckland) Stelvio GNZ, Ashley Hart (Hastings) Kiwi Royal, Rachel Nelson (Havelock North) Good Tune NZPH and Ike Baker (Raukawa) Double J Graduate =1.


Show hunter, NRM Open High Points Series (sponsored by Canterbury Equestrian): Chloe Hansen (Palmerston North) Kiwi Motto 1, Molly Pike (Cambridge) Zig Zag 2, Brendon Terrill (New Plymouth) FIS Outrageous 3, Antonio Matangi (Levin) Shoeshine Polish 4, Lisa Kennedy (Bulls) Steelfix 5.

Gyro Plastics Junior High Points Series (sponsored by Property Brokers): Hazel Jones (Plimmerton) Sancho 1, Bella Ladbrook (Hawke’s Bay) Whakanui Homebrew 2, Molly Pike (Cambridge) Zig Zag 3, Ella Miranda (Feilding) Kinnordy Go Girl 4, Isa Luxton-Symes (New Plymouth) Tu Meke Tui 5, Madison Wiffen (Wellington) Ponga 6.

Amateur High Points Series (sponsored by Cartown): Antonio Matangi (Levin) Marua 1, Holly Wright (Trentham) Destiny’s Duchess 2, Stephie Smith (Taupo) Disney 3, Antonia Matangi (Levin) Shoeshine Polish 4 , Laura Van Velthooven (Palmerston North) Montbelle Donahue 5, Rose Cruden (Foxton) B&W Midnight Sky 6.

Petticoat Lane Performance Horses Adult Equitation Series (sponsored by Lease Solutions): Anna Ash (Hunterville) Cardonald Rewa Kid 1, Holly Wright (Trentham) Destiny’s Duchess 2, Antonio Matangi (Levin) Shoeshine Polish 3.

ESNZ Show Hunter Junior Equitation Series (sponsored by Agri-Bio and Fixine): Hazel Jones (Plimmerton) Sancho 1, Ella Miranda (Feilding) Kinnordy Go Girl 2, Isa Luxton-Symes (New Plymouth) Tu Meke Tui 3, Madison Wiffen (Wellington) Ponga 4, Holly Parkin (Levin) BL Allalong 5, Joshua Borostyan (New Plymouth) Putahi Iwa 6.

Float Factory Cat A High Points Series (sponsored by Norwoods Farm Machinery): Emily Oliver (Kapiti Coast) Patui Ataahua 1, Zara Sutton (Palmerston North) Chelton Light Secret 2, Lily Kent (Waipawa) Ataahua Rapture 3, Sophia Neale (Palmerston North) Sonrise Essence 4, Katherine Walker (Paraparaumu) Avataare 5, Isabelle Murrow (Palmerston North) Whistledown Galileo 6.

Fiber Fresh Cat B High Points Series (sponsored by Equi-Vets): Chloe Roylance (New Plymouth) Oki Pop 1, Emily Oliver (Kapiti Coast) Summer Fiesta 2, Janey Pease (Piopio) Barney Rubble 3, Holly Cambie (New Plymouth) Mr Mika Choo 4, Hannah McConnell (Tauranga) Billy Blunt 5, Hannah Honeyfield (Patea) Ancova Albert 6.

Aniwell Cat C High Points Series (sponsored by Prydes EasiFeed): Charlotte Conder (Wellington) Sir Bounty Hunter 1, Lyzz Barry (Whanganui) Onetai Cover Girl 2, Maggie Keenan (Wellington) Rubix Cubix 3, Eilidh Gloyn (Palmerston North) Bombay Sapphire II 4, Molly Pike (Cambridge) Oddfella Ngā  Rua 5, Sophie Charlton (Hastings) She’s a Puzzle 6.

Sure Grip Mats Pony Equitation Series (sponsored Kate Hyde artist): Emily Oliver (Kapiti Coast) Summer Fiesta 1, Charlotte Conder (Wellington) Sir Bounty Hunter 2, Eilidh Gloyn (Palmerston North) Bombay Sapphire II 3, Molly Pike (Cambridge) Oddfella Ngā Rua 4, Eden Craine (Palmerston North) Galaxy Hi Jinx 5, Summah Lee (Tauranga) My Bella Ragazza 6.

ESNZ Show Hunter 12 and Under Equitation Series (sponsored by Prydes Easi-Feed): Henry Martin (Wellington) Waimeha Tayza 1, Holly Cambie (New Plymouth) Mr Mika Choo 2, Zara Sutton (Palmerston North) Chelton Light Secret 3, Lily Kent (Waipawa) Ataahua Rapture 4, Zoe Corbin (Hastings) Ellangowan Stevie Nicks 5, Yulana Gloyn (Palmerston North) Rustabella 6.

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By Diana Dobson

October 11, 2020