We’re getting some great feedback on the Change the Rein campaign and the messages event organisers, discipline committees and clubs are promoting in support of a welcoming, safe and encouraging culture in our sport. Thank you!

We want to take this to the next level so we’re encouraging people to tell us about acts of kindness or helpfulness by ESNZ members that made a difference to someone’s day – in other words, our #GameChangers.

So, please keep your eyes and ears open when you’re out and about and nominate someone you witness doing something kind, supportive, helpful for someone (or a horse) that demonstrates the sort of inclusive, supportive, safe and friendly culture we’re working towards.  We will reward them and make sure people are aware of what great people we have in our sport.

Please email to [email protected],nz the following information (#GameChangers in the subject line):

  • Person nominating the #GameChanger – your name, contact details (email & phone number)
  • Who is the ESNZ member being nominated as a #GameChanger (name, discipline, area group/club and role eg official, rider, volunteer if relevant)
  • Photo of the #GameChanger person (not necessarily in the act so to speak)
  • What was the #GameChanger behaviour witnessed and the outcome (these don’t need to be heroic – just kind, considerate, helpful, supportive, inclusive, welcoming, friendly acts)

Here is a reminder the the Change the Rein messages we are working towards.