Margaret Haketaria from Alltech and David Bullock Judge during presentation to Alexa Randall and Cirrius GNZ 
(credit Shots Photography)

Alexa Randall is buzzing . . . in just her second Horse Grand Prix start with Cirrius GNZ they rode off with a win. The Karaka combo this afternoon headed home the field at the Alltech Grand Prix Show Jumping Show at Woodhill Sands.

In the ESNZ Horse Grand Prix, Alexa and Cirrius GNZ were the only ones to go clear in the opening round, with runner-up Emma Watson (Morrinsville) aboard Maddox Letino and Daniel Blundell (Auckland) on Cadenza NZPH both completing with four faults.

Alexa bought Cirrius GNZ as a seven-year-old, sight unseen, from Elle Phillips and took him straight to Australia. “We did things slowly and really things have only come together in the last season or two,” says Alexa. “He only had his first Grand Prix start the other week at Woodhill where he finished second to Tegan (Fitzsimon) – it’s not bad at all when Tegan beats you, I can take a loss to her any day!”

Her plan today was to take it carefully. “He is a bit slow horse anyway and spends a lot of time in the air. He pulled it off today and that was amazing. We were lucky no one else was clear but he didn’t touch a single rail all the way round. It is easy when I ride him well.”

Cirrius GNZ is known as a real character. “He has the most character of any horse I own. He is constantly licking and fidgeting and is a bit of a crazy sort but everyone loves him for sure. It’s just on the ground – he’s not crazy to ride.”

She loved the Danielle Watts-designed course. “She has been building lovely nice to ride courses and it is great to go there knowing you will get that. It is good confidence building,” says Alexa. “Everyone is so happy with that.”

Their plan for the season is to get some good Grand Prix starts under their belts with the possibility of a few World Cup starts later on. “There is no rush for that though. I want to keep him confident through the season.”

Alexa juggles studying interior design by correspondence to running their boutique livery service Te Hihi Farms.

Nine started the Country TV Pony Grand Prix with just three coming through to the jump-off. Keira Page (Mystery Creek) backed up her Pony Grand Prix win with Redcliffs Colour Me In at Te Teko last week with another today. The combination was speedy with their 34.93-second time and the only ones to go double clear. Runner-up Madison Jackson (Pukekohe) and Rednalhgih Cowan picked up four penalties in their 39.03 effort with third-placed Liv Teixeira (Kerikeri) and EB Esperanza ending the class with eight faults.

Organisers were over the moon to be back at Alert Level 1 and enjoyed plenty of support from competitors. Danielle Watts designed the courses in ring one, Wayne Bragg in ring two and Gina Moss in ring three.


Results –


ESNZ Horse Grand Prix (sponsored by Alltech): Alexa Randall (Auckland) Cirrius GNZ 1, Emma Watson (Morrinsville) Maddox Letino 2, Daniel Blundell (Auckland) Cadenza NZPH 3, Laura Inkster (Clevedon) Nikama MVNZ 4.


Country TV Pony Grand Prix (sponsored by Peninsula Medical): Keira Page (Mystery Creek) Redcliffs Colour Me In 1, Madison Jackson (Pukekohe) Rednalhgih Cowan 2, Liv Teixeira (Kerikeri) EB Esperanza 3, Cassie Topper (Whangarei) Redcliffs Wizz Bang MF 4, Katie Readings (Pukekawa) Rump Shaker 5, Amelia Munro (Paremoremo) MF Spot On 6.


FMG Young Rider Series: Emily Hayward (Te Awamutu) Centino 1, Colleen Crous (Auckland) Orames Girl VDL 2, Emma Watson (Morrinsville) Maddox Letino 3, Olivia Dalton (Karaka) Cil Dara Bonaparte 4, Kalani Nicol (Whitianga) KMR Descardo 5, Isabelle Jameson (Whangarei) Di Caprio CSNZ 6.


Harrison Lane Pro-Amateur Rider Series: Emma Gaze (Ohaupo) Woodland Bug 1, Samantha Mynott (Cambridge) Cornucopia 2, Laura McGregor (Auckland) High Command 3, Emma Gaze (Ohaupo) Kowhai Bug 4, Georgia Lawrie (Auckland) Woodbine Legacy ST 5, Bob Bleakley (Whangarei) Charlie NZPH 6.


Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider Series: Rose Windross (Auckland) Leeston Eagle 1, Aimee Collinson (Clevedon) Bunny Hop 2, Natalia Lammers (Whangarei) Romeo NZPH 3, Lucas Bremner (Whangarei) Dynavyte Cancion HSH 4, Jordyn Appleton (Taupaki) Scotsmans Valley 5, Chloe Leggott (Whangarei) Paint Me A Picture 6.


Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series: Ashley Johnston (Whangarei) Miss Vee NZPH 1, Georgina Forsyth (Clevedon) Catapult Xtreme 2, Michelle Wakeling (Wellsford) BMW Braveheart 3, Danielle Stanaway (Tauranga) The Invisible Man 4, Nicky Shore (Auckland) Carolina 5, Kristie Mason (Auckland) Centiare 6.


Outpost Buildings Horse Grand Prix Super Series: Daniel Blundell (Auckland) Athena NZPH 1, Emily Hayward (Te Awamutu) Centino 2, Alexa Randall (Auckland) Carnival NZPH 3, Nakeysha Lammers (New Plymouth) Resolution 4, Alexa Randall (Auckland) LC Tango 5, Jasmine Corkery (Whangarei) Lafayet Ego Z 6.


Burmester Realty Pony Grand Prix Super Series: Summer Denize (Kerikeri) Bella Vinci Duet 1, Alice Croskey (Cambridge) Alaska Rose 2, Samantha-Lee Wakeling (Wellsford) BMW Renegade 3, Megan Bradley (Cambridge) My Dream Catcher 4, Holly Richardson (Warkworth) Pacific Dream 5, Samantha-Lee Wakeling (Wellsford) BMW Sharpshooter 6.


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October 18, 2020

By Diana Dobson