A series of Clinics is about to get underway across NZ
There is something for everyone including an introduction to the pathway to become a Technical Delegate or Steward. For riders,  a chance to get an insight into how to improve your marks as the season begins

2020 CLINICS  for Riders. Judges, TD and Stewards 

Saturday 11th August 9.45am Clevedon SG 
Auckland -Manukau with  FEI 4* Sue Hobson & A List Marcia Bayley
More info here 

Sunday 12th July 
Gisborne  with FEI 3* Mura Love :   Gisborne RDA
Contact:  Sue Harris  – [email protected]  027 3169 118

Sunday 2nd August
Marlborough  with FEI 4* Helen Hughes-Keen
Contact: Tracey Johnson  [email protected]  027 965 3416

Saturday 25th July
Otago with FEI 4* Sue Hobson
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Sunday 26th July – Selwyn Equestrian Centre 10am – 3pm
with FEI 4* Sue Hobson & Linda Warren-Davey, FEI 3* Mura Love 
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Saturday 1st August – C Weal Arena Te Awamatu 9.30am
with FEI 4* Sue Hobson 
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Sunday 2nd August 
with FEI 4* Sue Hobson 

Sunday 9th August 
Southern Hawkes Bay 
with FEI 4* Sue Hobson & FEI 4* Helen Hughes -Keen