With Remits now available for Areas to discuss we would like to provide clarification on the process for members to have their say and specifically for those concerned about the Main-Events University Series. 

All remits are sent to areas and publicly notified 21 days prior to the AGM, to allow discussion at Area level and to inform Area delegates on their vote at the AGM.  It is important that members attend area meetings to have their say and instruct your delegate on how the area wishes to vote on each remit.  All rule changes are made through this process so if you have a view on a rule change this is the process for having your view heard.  The vote at the AGM determines the outcome of the remit. We urge anyone concerned about this remit to attend their area AGMs, many of which are this week. A link to area contacts can be found here 


Remit 4 Annex 11 New Zealand Universities Jumping Championship Series

We wish to provide additional information on this remit.  This series is usually run within another 1.20m or 1.30m open class, as it was at shows during 2019-20 season. 

The series was run at 22 shows, including HOY, during 2019-20 season, with the following numbers of entries:

2-4 entries:  14 shows

5 entries:      3 shows

6 entries:      1 show (Taupo Xmas Classic)

7 entries:      3 shows (Ashburton, Taihape and HOY)

As riders gaining first round faults of 12 or more do not gain points in ANY series, there was only 1 show with placings to 6th.  Series placings were:

1st only :    2 shows  (South Island Champs and C&SHB)

1st – 2nd:    4 shows

1st – 3rd:    8 shows (including HOY)

1st – 4th:    5 shows

1st – 5th:    2 shows

All 6 placings: 1 show (Ashburton)


In bringing this remit to the AGM, the Jumping Board is trying to offer more exposure to our long-time sponsor. We have been privileged to have the long term support of Main-Events and are grateful for their commitment to our sport. We genuinely felt that a Series where classes reached down to 6th placing once in the season was not providing the profile we would expect in a National Series.  HOY, the pinnacle of our show season, ran a separate class where 1st & 2nd place getters were on 4 faults  (no jump off) with faults sliding to 24 for 7th place.


In addition, the administration of this series is difficult and time consuming.  Most students fail to provide the required Uni ID despite repeated requests yet continue to compete.  Judges repeatedly report they find it difficult to know who is competing in the Series class, and many jump sheets are returned to ESNZ that are incorrect.


Overall, Sponsorship money represents a third of the income for Jumping and as well as reducing the cost of discipline starts for every jumping horse that is registered, it assists with the costs of running the sport, all of which are declared in the financial reports and AGM papers.


Finally, a reminder that Areas can run their own series to cater for different riders. As an example, one area introduced a Junior Amateur series last year which ran in conjunction with the Amateur Rider and catered for 18-20 year olds wanting to jump 1.10m-1.20m. 


ESNZ Jumping Team
7 July 2020