Whether you compete at 90cm and under or Grand Prix/World Cup level, we want you to apply!


Set Yourself Up to Ride for Life

Event Ready Bodies is on the hunt for their first Equestrian NZ Jumping Ambassador.

Are you ready to join top athletes across New Zealand to build your best body ever?

We are searching for an ambassador to join the revolutionary Event Ready Bodies programme for six-months, for free, to learn how to get the most out of your body, and find more joy in your jumping.

As our ambassador you will:

  • discover why having an event ready body matters and the three things you need to maximise the enjoyment, and success, of jumping.
  • demonstrate how your physical journey is as important as your horse and your events.
  • learn what your body needs to stay the distance for multiple seasons, spanning decades.

This is for you if you are the type of person who feels your body could use more help.
Perhaps you feel like you are aging fast or losing strength, have been frustrated by stiffness, recurrent injuries, achy muscles, disrupted sleep or confused by which foods are best for you.

From enhancing your physical capability and movement, to improving your nutrition, fitness and stamina – our programme works, and it works for everyone. Event Ready Bodies turns traditional training on its head – focusing on creating the best platform, rather than simply fixing injuries when they happen.

With free access to a custom-built programme, you’ll get the information and training you need to achieve long-term event participation and success. Using our holistic approach, you’ll work with our trained sports therapists to become more body aware, bettering your riding and lifestyle (including biomechanics, pre-event conditioning, mental skills, and nutrition) so you can build your best body and get the most from your horse.

  • Exercise and perform with confidence
  • Recover from stiff joints and sore muscles
  • Reduce your risk from preventable diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • Mitigate injury, strain and overuse.
  • Manage your weight, hormones and cardiovascular health
  • Build strength and stamina
  • Create healthier sleep habits
  • Improve your nutrition and energy production

Ready to partner with your body and discover what works?

Eligibility criteria

  • Must be over 18
  • Must be living in New Zealand
  • Must be planning on competing in a Jumping event in the 2020-2021 season
  • Must be able to commit to an initial assessment and then bimonthly meetings with a sports therapist
  • Must commit to working with the ERB team for the duration of the six month programme, including using the ERB app.
  • Must be willing to be share their story to promote the Event Ready Body programme; this could include photography, videography and written stories.
  • Reasonable and pre-agreed expenses incurred on behalf of the ambassador are not included in the free programme fee. Flights, accommodation, meals, equipment, supplements and complementary treatments are not included in the programme.

Applications close 29th July 2020
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If you have any questions please contact either: 


ESNZ Jumping Team
8th July 2020