As you may be aware, recently an isolated case of Piroplasmosis was detected in a horse awaiting export from New Zealand to Australia.

This disease was previously unknown in New Zealand’s equine population and has meant that a new export process is required prior to export.

The new requirement is for every horse to be tested for Piroplasmosis prior to export to Australia, this is done by way of a blood test.
This test can only be done in Perth, Australia. While the test is a relatively quick test, the lead up time to get the bloods there by courier and return the results before departure takes at least 10 days.

It is important to understand that when booking a horse from New Zealand to Australia the lead up time in obtaining these blood results needs to be taken into consideration.Our experienced team will make all the necessary arrangements for the Piroplasmosis testing and ensure a smooth and easy process for you and your horses.

If you would like to find out more or wish to make a booking, please contact the IRT NZ team on [email protected] , 09 297 2022