There have been some discussions on social media recently regarding ESNZ results and the lack of them being updated in the ESNZ database.

So, we thought we would update you again with what is happening.

Firstly, we know the ESNZ database system has been causing issues for members and stakeholders since its launch and we are working on it.

In early March we provided an update on the ESNZ Database.  Here is the link in case you missed it:

In that update we noted it was likely that all results from the past two years would need to be reloaded to ensure they pulled through to profiles correctly. 

Then on 14th April we provided another update on the results which notified members that we would in fact be rebuilding the results profiles.  It was decided that rebuilding was the best solution to get us back to a true source of data. Here is the link in case you missed it:

Members will not see any difference in their results while we work through this process as they are being rebuilt outside of the current database so that we can test them and ensure that they are correct before replacing them on the current database.  However, we have been working closely with the Discipline Sport Managers to ensure all the results requirements, exceptions to the rules or edge cases are captured and our database vendor is currently underway with rebuilding these requirements into a new format for receiving the results.

Our Member Services Team also spent the lockdown renaming all the current result files to assist with the rebuilding of the results and have also been following up on any missing results not yet received.  Please note that any training/practice and unregistered competitions are not recorded in the ESNZ database, so these types of results will not appear your results profile.

We will also be importing all the results from our previous database.  It is important to note that historical errors may still be there, however with the new result profiles that we are rebuilding we will be better placed to fix and correct these as we are alerted to them.

We will shortly be calling for members who have kept accurate records of their results or, those members who have had issues with their results, to volunteer to check the validity to ensure they are correct before we apply the solution to the live site.  If you wish to be a volunteer please email [email protected].  We will also be working closing with the online entry providers to check validity.

When we have the results rebuilt and working correctly, we will release them on the live site.  It is our aim that the result profiles will be rebuilt prior to the new season starting. 

We are also working to see how we can improve the accurate and timely importing of results going forward. 

Other things we are working on in terms of the database include:

  • A referral system
  • A 12-month payment option for paying your registrations
  • Data cleansing
  • Analysing and finalising the discovery workshop findings and database survey results. Our discovery workshops have highlighted the issues with the results and it is our focus to rebuild the current result set and maintain their integrity going forward.
  • Our new vendor is continuing to make improvements to how the database operates.
  • The project team continues to investigate suitable companies and providers for a possible replacement database.

ESNZ would like to reiterate, that we are committed to ensuring that any replacement database is a good fit and is backed by a strong technical partner supporting it into the future.