It wasn’t really until we pushed publish on this issue that we sort of got to thinking…

What on earth just happened?!

Covid 19 certainly gave our normality a shake up, but here we are… The Dressage NZ Board have been working incredibly hard during the entire lockdown to not just get through this but to actually come out the other side stronger.

With not having any competitions or sport happening around the entire world you will notice this issue is a little smaller but every single word matters in this issue!! We’re excited for the future of Dressage New Zealand and there’s a lot to take in this month.

And so now is the time to shift your thoughts over to your local area dressage groups, they will be feeling a little overwhelmed as things start to gather momentum, why not give some of your time to help ease the load they have to carry.

Dreams aren’t built on breakthroughs but rather on tiny actions taken daily.

Enjoy Issue 42 June 2020 Рright here