Julia Whitehead is currently doing a Master of Science degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy with the University of Liverpool (UK) and Massey University in New Zealand. For this degree  a research project is devised and developed

Her interest is equine rehabilitation and therapy in New Zealand, with a focus on equine industry participants’ experiences and perceptions of the effectiveness and value of physical and rehabilitative therapies for New Zealand horses and ponies.  Ultimately, her priority is to improve the health and welfare of horses and ponies in New Zealand.  She would like to collect the views of all New Zealand horse industry participants via a 10-12 minute, completely voluntary and anonymous online survey.

 The information gathered will be published to educate people in the New Zealand horse industry about what physical and rehabilitative therapies are used, who is providing them, and how they contribute to health and welfare.  This will enable all of us to make more informed decisions for our horses.

There is no conflicts or financial interests associated with the project.  The main focus is to help horse owners, riders and drivers to improve the health and welfare of horses and ponies in New Zealand.  We would greatly appreciate your help if possible.  A link to the study, with the accompanying information page, is attached for you.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Julia Whitehead