Have you ever thought about becoming a Dressage Judge ? 
The value of  beginning or moving through the Judges Accreditation Pathway is immeasurable.  
Not only do you gain huge insights into the requirements of each level which will benefit your own development and competition, you get to meet new people and have opportunities to travel to other regions and even internationally ( of course when the Alert levels permit)   

Being a judge also means you can make make a valuable contribution to your sport. Without judges we cannot have a sport so please consider if this is a role you may like to contribute to. It is possible to combine riding and judging so do not let the fact that you are currently competing deter you from taking the first step on the pathway.   Challenge yourself..  

If you are already an FEI rider, there is a fast track system based on the current knowledge you have.  

Although you need to be 18yrs of age to be an accredited ESNZ Official, it is possible to start the process by sitting in and writing. Both these activities you will also find valuable. 

The Judges Pathway Manual outlines the process. 

For further information contact [email protected]