Provisional Dressage NZ Top Leagues results announced 

Congratulations to riders in the 2019 /20 Top Ten Leagues. & AMS Young Rider Performance League These results are provisional only until 8/4/20. Any queries re the results or the area in which the rider is listed should be directed to [email protected] only by 5pm on 8/4/20. After that date changes no queries will be accepted or changes will be made 

AMS Saddlery Pony & Young Rider Performance League 2019-2020 – FINALS

Equissage Dressage Amateur Top 10 League 2019-2020 – FINALS

Equizee Pony & Young Rider Amateur Top 10 League 2019-20 – FINALS

Quin Buildings Direct Dressage Masters Top 10 League – FINALS

Sterling Warmbloods Ltd Small Stars Top 10 League 2019-2020 – FINALS