Dressage NZ will hold the 2020 Planning Forum by Zoom on Sunday 10 May at 1pm.  We welcome members to attend and note the following procedures to ensure the smooth running of the first online Forum 


Procedures for the Online Planning Forum 

  • The Planning Forum is open to all ESNZ financial members
  • Prior online registration will be compulsory and is required no later than Friday 8th May at noon in order registration approvals can be actioned and the Zoom link to be sent back to participants
  • Participants registration will be approved subject to all registration data being submitted. This will include
    • Name
    • ESNZ Area
    • Area Group membership
    • Role e.g. observer, DNZ committee member, voting delegate, judge, official
    • ESNZ member registration number and expiry date
  • The Forum will open at 12.40.
    • Participants are requested to sign in between 12.40 and 12.50 to ensure the Forum can commence without interruption at 1pm.
    • Participants should join with their microphone muted to avoid noise interference and should remain muted unless participating in the meeting. Cameras can also be switched to off during the meeting and switched on when participating
  • Only voting delegates will vote on remits but all members are welcome to contribute to the discussion. Comments about remits can be made on the chat function but please make them succinct in order they can be managed by the meeting hosts. Please keep the chat relevant. Voting will be carried out via the Zoom Poll Function. Following the discussion on remits, a poll will be launched. Voting Delegates will have 2 minutes to action their vote. Results of each poll be immediately seen as a % by the meeting host and individual votes recorded are recorded in the Zoom platform for reporting purposes.
  • Questions may be submitted at time of registration or on the chat function during the meeting
  • Member Apologies for the Forum can be emailed to [email protected] Apologies will not be accepted verbally at the online meeting  
  • If any area group wishes to substitute their voting delegate from the one listed in the agenda please email the Sport Manager [email protected] by noon on 8th May with the group approval for this substitute, including an email contact for the substitute and also ensure the substitute delegate has been forwarded this agenda

Click on registration link below to be taken to Zoom and register for the meeting.

Registrations are now open

 Registration Link