The Endurance Board and the Technical Committee have developed a set of rules for CEN rides in New Zealand ahead of the forums and AGM in order to allow a choice for members should the membership wish to not align our National rules with the current FEI Endurance Rules.  The main proposed differences to the current FEI rules are around the stand-down periods and the qualifying process for rides greater than 119 km. The CTR rules are now undergoing revision to ensure that they align.

The timeline from now is that we require feedback from members on these draft rules by midnight on Sunday 15th March.  Feedback will then be taken into account for the development of the next draft. Please send your feedback to the Sport Administrator Jo Lankow ( [email protected] ), The next draft version will be discussed at the Forums (Christchurch on 2nd May and Palmerston North on 9th May).  That will be the opportunity for final discussion about possible changes.  The final version will then go forward to the AGM.

One of the most controversial aspects has been the minimum weight to be carried by Open riders. In these draft rules, the weight has been set at 70 kg for all distances (no minimum weight required for JY). However, the Board is proposing trialling a lightweight division for the 2020/21 season where the minimum weight will be 65 kg. We would need to seek a trophy to have a separate category for points accumulated over the season rather than lightweight riders competing against all other Senior riders.

Draft Endurance Rules for CEN Competitions