Change the Rein is a campaign focused on a conscious change in direction – a quest for a more positive, encouraging, safe and supportive culture in our sport.

The campaign tagline – as most of you know – is an equestrian term that riders use when they consciously change the direction the horse is travelling in – when ridden correctly, a change in rein will allow the horse and rider to smoothly change direction in balance and harmony.

This fits with the objective of this campaign – to create a safe and welcoming culture in equestrian sport – fostered by leaders, management, members and anyone who is involved in equestrian sports.  We want to be clear that unsupportive or inappropriate behaviour is not normal and not accepted.

This campaign has three stages:

Stage one is “rein it in” – a term that is associated with clawing back, gathering back in when things have got out of balance. It is clear the need to ‘rein it in’ has begun with new regulations around safe sport, drug and alcohol policies and behavioural expectations.

In stage two, “tighten the reins”, we launch the campaign messages and deliverables. This stage will be informed by the research and information gathered in the first stage.

And stage three is “loosen the rein” – when new norms and accepted behaviours are commonplace and we have a culture that celebrates everyone’s successes both great and small.

Together, we will have changed the rein!

Soon, we will open a survey which will help us better understand what the issues are and what you think we can, together, do about them. Watch this space.