A powerful performance by Melissa Galloway and Windermere JÓbei W resulted in another nail biting afternoon at Willinga Park today. Eleven combinations lined up in the Grand Prix Special. The first of the Kiwis to go was Wendi Williamson and Don Amour MH who found some better form in the all important piaffe  and went into third place at the break  on 65.681%. Melissa was second last to go with rival Mary Hanna and Calanta again drawn last.

Melissa’s test was powerful and mistake free, with a just a little tension creeping into the piaffe.  Calanta showed some outstanding piaffe with good sitting and rhythm, on the spot and the required number of steps earning 8’s and 9″s.  So despite some mistakes in two sets of changes, this pair managed to yet again edge out Melissa and Joey into second place. 

After the test Melissa said “I am just really happy with him. He never stops trying and I am feeling incredibly blessed to have him”

Tomorrow’s Grand Prix Freestyle starts at 6.30pm . The individual times are not yet published.  All four NZL combinations will start in this feature class which is expece3d to attract a large crowd

For full results:https://results.equestrian-hub.com/show/301