Meg Bisset riding Freestyle Twyst & Shout winners of the Country TV Pony Grand Prix at Ashburton Area Jumping and Show Hunter 1-2 February 2020.
Photo Credit Elise Ford

A decision to concentrate on her two 7-year-olds paid off for Tegan Fitzsimon at the Ashburton Area Show Jumping and Show Hunter Show held over the weekend at the Ashburton Show Grounds. Tegan took out the Equissage Horse Grand Prix riding Campari and Matthews Hanoverians Seven Year Old Breeding Series Class with Glenbrooke All Roses.


In just his second Grand Prix start Campari, owned and bred by the Tapley Family produced two clear rounds over the Roger Laplanche designed course to win the Equissage Horse Grand Prix. Tegan says “It was good just to let Windermere Cappuccino and Alacazam MH have an easy show; they just started in the 1.20 on Saturday, so I was able to solely focus on the 7-year-olds for once!”. Grace Percy and Kiwi Spirit came 2nd in the Grand Prix.


Four riders returned for a fast Jump Off in the Country TV Pony Grand Prix. Meg Bisset riding Freestyle Twyst & Shout continued their success from Nationals by jumping clear in a time of 46.77 to take the win. Emma Gillies and Benrose Playtime placed 2nd with a clear round in a time of 48.06. Mangakaraa Carbon Copy ridden by Anna Nalder jumped clear in a time of 51.82 for 3rd. With Samantha Gillies riding Junior Disco and Ella Rae-Wood on Tallyho Primrose finishing 4th and 5th.


With the only clear round in the Jump Off Nelson rider Peita Milne on Ngahiwi Warrior took out the FMG Young Rider, following on from her wins the last two weekends in the Junior Rider Series Classes at Nelson and Nationals. Molly Buist-Brown and Vali placed 2nd. Kate Beattie riding Smartymarty was 3rd with four faults in the first round. Makenzie Causer and Finch Farm Lasall placed 4th.


The Harrison Lane Pro-Am Series class was taken out by Amy McMullan riding her Centavos gelding Silversmith. Six riders returned for the jump-off, with Amy and Silversmith being the fastest 4 faulter in a time of 36.10. Georgina Dormer on Casanova NZPH was 2nd with 4 faults in a time of 38.65. Kirsty Sharapoff and Shoot The Breeze placed 3rd with 4 faults in a time of 43.16, with Chris Harris riding Commissioner and Jess Land on Emilio MSH finishing 4th and 5th.


Kelly Evans and Hammertime followed up their Amateur win at Nationals with a win in the Dunstan Horse Feeds Amateur Rider Series class. Three riders returned for the Jump-Off, with Hammertime jumping clear for the win in a time of 45.07. Nikki McLennan riding Rocky Ridge was 2nd in a time of 44.35 with 4 faults. Emma Pilcher on Snazzy As finished 3rd in a time of 48.60 with 4 faults.


Eight riders returned for a very close Jump Off in the Equifibre Junior Rider. The consistent combination of Sophie Townsend and Kingslea Kiwi was the fastest to take the win jumping clear in a time of 39.76. Molly Moffatt riding Glenmark came in a very close 2nd jumping clear in a time of 39.79. Margot Curtis on Flirtini placed 3rd on 4 faults with a time of 40.33, with Anna Nalder riding Icebreaker II finishing 4th on 4 faults in a time of 41.46.


The Cheleken & Ultramox 6 Year Old Breeding Series class was taken out by Katie Meredith and Eye Candy. Harry Feast on LT Holst Zalato Blue and Jess Land riding Miss Veleta were 1st Equal in the East Coast Performance Horses 5 Year Old Breeding Series class.


Despite a very hot and dry summer Ashburton produced beautiful ground conditions that were much appreciated by those attending. Next up is the Canterbury Show Jumping & Show Hunter Championships to be held at the South Island National Equestrian Centre, McLeans Island, on the 8th and 9th of February.


Equissage Horse Grand Prix Series sponsored by Wholesale Feeds

1st Tegan Fitzsimon & Campari

2nd Grace Percy & Kiwi Spirit


Country TV Pony Grand Prix Series sponsored by Hyundai Ashburton

1st Meg Bisset & Freestyle Twyst & Shout

2nd Emma Gillies & Benrose Playtime

3rd Anna Nalder & Mangakaraa Carbon Copy

4th Samantha Gillies & Junior Disco

5th Ella Rae-Wood & Tallyho Primrose

6th Johanna Wylaars & Wembleybrook Tiffany


Harrison Lane Pro Am Series sponsored by Hayden McKenzie Contracting

1st Amy McMullen & Silversmith

2nd Georgina Dormer & Casanova NZPH

3rd Kirsty Sharapoff & Shoot The Breeze

4th Chris Harris & Commissioner

5th Jess Land & Emilio MSH

6th Emma Power & Tuxedo


Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series sponsored by FourFlax Limited

1st Kelly Evans & Hammertime

2nd Nikki McLennan & Rocky Ridge

3rd Emma Pilcher & Snazzy As

4th Charlotte Knowler & Payback

5th Harriet Gardner & PL Queen of Hearts

6th Angela Ruddenklau & Antherm


FMG Young Rider Series sponsored by Mainland Coachwork

1st Peita Milne & Ngahiwi Warrior

2nd Molly Buist-Brown & Vali

3rd Kate Beattie & Smarty Marty

4th Makenzie Cause & Finch Farm Lasall

5th Olivia Harkerrs & Lacona Ammoe

6th Courtney Townsend & Corofina ECPH


Equifibre Junior Rider Series sponsored by Property Brokers

1st Sophie Townsend & Kingslea Kiwi

2nd Molly Moffatt & Glenmark

3rd Margot Curtis & Flirtini

4th Anna Nalder & Icebreaker II

5th Pippa Collins & Double J Barman

6th Milly Robinson & Enzo GTO


Main Events University Series

1st Courtney Townsend & Corofina ECPH

2nd Victoria Brown & RH Renamour

3rd Hollie Kooman & Silver Gamble

4th Olivia Harkerrs & Lacona Ammoe

5th Olivia Shinn & Ignition

6th Adam Ford & Golden Mile

7th Hollie Kooman & AA Bedazzled


Matthews Hanovarians 7 Year Old Breeding Series sponsored by Harcourts Rural

1st Tegan Fitzsimon & Glenbrooke All Roses

2nd Peita Milne & Global PH Mylorde

3rd Katie Meredith & The Prosecutor GNZ

4th Courtney Townsend & Corofina ECPH

5th Becky Harkerss & Kettle GNZ

6th Grace Percy & Numero Uno Nellie


Cheleken & Ultramox 6-Year-Old Breeding Series sponsored by Rural Co

1st Katie Meredith & Eye Candy


East Coast Performance Horses 5-Year-Old Breeding Series

1st = Harry Feast & LT Holst Zalato Blue

1st = Jess Land & Miss Veleta


Cavalleria Toscana & Rainer Irrigation Horse Mini Prix Series

1st Kate Cavanagh & Wallflower

2nd Georgina Dormer & Bravados NZPH

3rd Kimberley Bird & Roxette ECPH

4th Peita Milne & Ngahiwi Warrior

5th Amy McMullan & Silversmith

6th Molly Buist-Brown & Vali


South Canterbury Saddlery Open Horse 1.30-1.40m

1st Tegan Fitzsimon & Campari

2nd Lucinda Askin & Portofino

3rd Lucinda Asking & Flying Dutchman DHU

4th Kate Cavanagh & Wallflower

5th Tyler Mckee & Lumarzo

6th Kimberley Bird & Roxette ECPH


Ashburton Trust & Lion Foundation Open Pony 1.20m

1st Emma Gillies & Benrose Playtime

2nd Meg Bisset & Freestyle Twyst & Shout

3rd Ella Rae-Wood & Tallyho Primrose

4th Nadia Houston & Tallyho Zeus


Carrfields Grain & Seed Horse Championship 1.25m

1st Milly Robinson & Enzo GTO

2nd Olivia Adams & Castelada II

3rd Jess Land & Emilio MSH

4th Sophie Townsend & Kingslea Kiwi

5th Kelly Evans & Hammertime

6th Jaimee Bird & Cera Santorini


By Rosa Douglas

3 February 2020