Southland Stakes winner Harriet Gardiner & PL Queen of Hearts
Photo Credit: Rosa Douglass

South Island riders headed to Gore over the weekend for the Southland Show Jumping Championships held at the Gore A&P Showgrounds.

One of the highlight classes of the show was the Southland Stakes, which has been running since 1973 and is restricted to horse and rider combinations that have not competed above 1.20m in the current season. Twenty-one riders started the 1.15m class which is a two-round competition with a jump-off.

The win went to South Canterbury rider Harriet Gardiner onboard PL Queen of Hearts who were the only combination to jump three clear rounds. Vicky Cole and Hashtag Murphys Law had to settle for 2nd. Jacquita Farquhar riding Rustic Moonlight and Nicola McLennan on Echo HSH finishing 3rd and 4th.

Four riders returned for the Jump-off in the Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider. The win went to Otago rider Talia Allison riding Mustang Shelby who jumped a fast clear round with a time of 33.24. Local rider Nicola McLennan and Rocky Ridge had to settle for second jumping clear with a time of 35.12. Michelle Combes on board Just Amber placed 3rd with Harriet Gardiner riding PL Queen of Hearts finishing 4th.

Victoria Brown riding RH Renamour had a successful weekend taking out both the FMG Young Rider and the Main Events University Series Class. Courtney Townsend on board Corofina ECPH and Hollie Kooman riding Silver Gamble finished 2nd and 3rd in the Main Events University Series Class.

Canterbury rider Sophie Townsend with Kingslea Kiwi took out the Equifibre Junior Rider with the only clear round. 2nd place went to Danielle Molloy and Bella Vi who were the fastest 4 faulter with a time of 91.67. Jessica Hore and Beaumont Birdie also finished on 4 faults with a time of 93.48 to place 3rd. Otago rider Pippa Collins riding Double J Barman came in 4th.

With the only clear round, Gail Richardson and Eirann Bandoola took out the Harrison Lane Pro-Am Rider. 2nd place went to Rik van Miltenburg onboard Truly Unique who finished on 4 faults. Kelly Evans riding Hammertime came in 3rd with Georgia Urquhart on Captain America NZPH finishing 4th.

Local rider Ella Wylie riding MF Spot Me produced a clear round to win the Country TV Pony Grand Prix. The Equissage Horse Mini Prix winner was Kate Cavanagh on board Wallflower, with fellow South Canterbury rider Molly Smith taking out the Pony Mini Prix riding BG Lennox.


Country TV Pony Grand Prix Series

1st Ella Wylie & MF Spot


Harrison Lane Pro-Am Rider Series

1st Gail Richardson & Eireann Bandoola

2nd Rik van Miltenburg & Truly Unique

3rd Kelly Evans & Hammertime

4th Georgia Urquhart & Captain Amerca NZPH


Dunstan Amateur Rider Series

1st Talia Allison & Mustang Shelby

2nd Nicola McLennan & Rocky Ridge

3rd Michelle Coombes & Just Amber

4th Harriet Gardner & PL Queen of Hearts

5th Jacquita Farquhar & Mack

6th Jacquita Farquhar & Rustic Moonlight


FMG Young Rider Series

1st Victoria Brown & RH Renamour


Equifibre Junior Rider Series

1st Sophie Townsend & Kingslea Kiwi

2nd Danielle Molloy & Bella Vi

3rd Jessica Hore & Beaumont Birdie

4th Pippa Collins & Double J Barman


Main Events University Series

1st Victoria Brown & RH Renamour

2nd Courtney Townsend & Corofina ECPH

3rd Hollie Kooman & Silver Gamble


Equissage Horse Mini Prix Series

1st Kate Cavanagh & Wallflower

2nd Kimberleigh McCabe & Kace

3rd Tyler McKee & Stratos


Pony Mini Prix Series

1st Molly Smith & BG Lennox

2nd Kaitlyn Murray & FC Fine Lace

3rd Jessica Hore & She’s a Cracker

4th Nadia Houston & Tallyho Zeus


Southland Stakes Open Horse 1.15m

1st Harriet Gardiner & PL Queen of Hearts

2nd Vicky Cole & Hashtag Murphys Law

3rd Jacquita Farquhar & Rustic Moonlight

4th Nicola McLennan & Echo HSH

5th Sophie Townsend & Wildheart

6th Suzanne Black & Colton AF


Otago Southland Show Hunter Series – Series run over five Otago and Southland ESNZ Jumping Shows.

Category A – Grace Roy and Benrose Comet

Category B – Jessica Townsend and Tallyho Neptune

Category C – Quinn Coutts and Bizzie Canoodling

Horses – Jade McRae and Swayze


By Rosa Douglass

24 February 2020