Winners of the Harrison Lane Pro Am Series Amy McMullen & Silversmith at the Canterbury Show Jumping Champs 8-9 February 2020. Photo from Christmas Cracker 6-7 December 2019
Photo Credit: Rosa Douglas

Over 250 riders attended the Show Jumping Canterbury Championship Show held over the weekend at the South Island National Equestrian Centre, McLeans Island.

Amy McMullan and Silversmith’s good form continued taking out the hotly contested Harrison Lane Pro-Am Rider Class for the second week in a row.

Amy has had the 11-year-old gelding by Eurosport Centavos, known as “Charlie” for three years and the pair have been competing in the Pro-Am Rider Classes for the last two seasons. Timaru based Amy is an Equine Massage Therapist and Charlie loves his weekly massages. Amy says “Charlie is a cheeky character, he is so much fun to have around and it’s just a bonus that he’s also pretty talented. I also have a very exciting Eurosport Heartbreaker mare Devine Heart,  who is in her first season competing”. Next up Amy heads to Blenheim for the South Island Championships and then she heads North to her first-ever Horse of the Year Show.

Kaikoura rider Olivia Harkerrs had her first FMG Young Rider Win with Lacona Ammoe. 18-year-old Olivia and Lacona Ammoe are in their second season together and this was their second Young Rider start, next up on their calendar is South Island Championships in Blenheim and then they head North for Takapoto and Horse of the Year Show. Olivia says “It was an awesome show! Thanks to the sponsors, organizers and course designers”. 2nd in the FMG Young Rider was Grace O’Sullivan and Cosmopolitan with Jaimee Bird riding Euro Champayne finishing 3rd.

17-year-old Sophie Townsend took out the Equifibre Junior Rider class riding Kingslea Kiwi. This combination are in the third season together and they have been very competitive in the Junior Rider Classes, they also took out the Mainland Coachwork Canterbury Junior Rider Series which is run over the three Canterbury Show Jumping Shows.

The Equissage Horse Grand Prix was taken out by Ashburton rider Lucinda Askin riding her 15-year-old Thoroughbred Gelding Portofino. Canterbury riders Rose Alfeld on My Super Nova and Molly Buist-Brown riding Vali finished 2nd and 3rd.

The West Coast combination of Ella Rae-Wood and Tallyho Primrose took out the Country TV Pony Grand Prix. With Ella Wylie on MF Spot Me and Johanna Wylaars riding Wembleybrook Tiffany finishing 2nd and 3rd.

Area teams also vied for the Bruce Anderson Memorial Trophy, teams are made up of four riders, this year the competition was taken out by the South Canterbury North Otago Area Team of Kate Cavanagh, Harriet Gardner, David Hutton, and Kelly Evans

The Course Designer for Ring 1 was Roger Laplanche, with Lex Peddie and Tony Hutton designing Rings 2 and 3.

Equissage & Kinloch Farms Horse Grand Prix

1st Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) & Portofino

2nd Rose Alfeld (Canterbury) & My Super Nova

3rd Molly Buist-Brown (Canterbury) & Vali

4th Katie Meredith (Canterbury) & Westgrove GNZ


Country TV & Saddlery Barn Pony Grand Prix

1st Ella Rae-Wood (West Coast) & Tallyho Primrose

2nd Ella Wylie (Southland) & MF Spot Me

3rd Johanna Wylaars (Canterbury) & Wembleybrook Tiffany

4th Samantha Gillies (SCNO) & Benrose Playtime

5th Anna Nalder (Canterbury) & Mangakaraa Carbon Copy

6th Molly Moffatt (Canterbury) & Te Ngaio Raggamuffin


Harrison Lane & TMS Equestrian Pro-Am Rider

1st Amy McMullan (SCNO) & Silversmith

2nd Becky Harkerss (Kaikoura) & Kettle GNZ

3rd Jess Land (Canterbury) & Emilio MSH

4th Katie Meredith (Canterbury) & Ngahiwi Double Cross

5th Katie Meredith (Canterbury) & The Prosecutor GNZ

6th Georgie Dormer (Canterbury) & Casanova NZPH


Dunstan Horsefeeds & Tavern Harewood Amateur Rider

1st David Hutton (SCNO) & Rolux

2nd Kelly Evans (SCNO) & Hammertime

3rd Lauren Enright (Otago) & Tygra

4th Sally Spicer (Canterbury) & Corrine HSH

5th Harriet Gardner (SCNO) & PL Queen Of Hearts

6th Emma Pilcher (Marlborough) & Snazzy As


FMG & Betavet Young Rider

1st Olivia Harkerss (Kaikoura) & Lacona Ammoe

2nd Grace O’Sullivan (Canterbury) & Cosmopolitan

3rd Jaimee Bird (Ashburton) & Euro Champayne

4th Molly Buist-Brown (Canterbury) & Vali

5th Courtney Townsend (Canterbury) & Corofina ECPH

6th Beth Coleman (Canterbury) & Sea Minor


Equifibre & Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider

1st Sophie Townsend (Canterbury) & Kingslea Kiwi

2nd Rosa Buist-Brown (Canterbury) & Bellick ST

3rd Pippa Collins (Otago) & Double J Barman

4th Margot Curtis (Canterbury) & Flirtini

5th Lucy Cochrane (Canterbury) & Gymanji

6th Anna Nalder (Canterbury) & Icebreaker II


Matthews Hanoverians 7 Year Old Series

1st Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury) & Campari

2nd Becky Harkerss (Kaikoura) & Kettle GNZ

3rd Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) & Double J Cyclone

4th Courtney Townsend (Canterbury) & Corofina ECPH

5th Emma Power (Canterbury) & Tuxedo

6th Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) & Cascade


Cheleken / Ultramox & Hazlett Rural 6 Year Old Series

1st Rosa Buist-Brown (Canterbury) & Bellick ST


Main Events University Series

1st Olivia Shinn (Canterbury) & Ignition

2nd Adam Ford (Kaikoura) & Golden Mile

3rd Hollie Kooman (Otago) & AA Bedazzled

4th Victoria Brown (Otago) & RH Renamour


Tavern Harewood Horse Mini Prix

1st Kate Cavanagh (SCNO) & Wallflower

2nd Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury) & Alacazam MH

3rd Amy McMullan (SCNO) & Silversmith

4th Georgie Dormer (Canterbury) & Casanova NZPH

5th Olivia Harkerss (Kaikoura) & Lacona Ammoe

6th Katie Meredith (Canterbury) & Ngahiwi Double Cross


SISJ Committee Pony Mini Prix

1st Emma Gillies (SCNO) & Benrose Eclipse

2nd Molly Moffatt (Canterbury) & Tironui Firecracker

3rd Lily Plunkett (Marlborough) & Ace

4th Pippa Collins (Otago) & Waiotahi Belle

5th Ruby Rae-Wood (West Coast) & Tallyho Cleopatra

6th Anna Nalder (Canterbury) & Chocolate Sucre


Concrete Power & SJ Canterbury Junior Amateur Rider

1st Margot Curtis (Canterbury) & Double J Barista

2nd Katie Gerrets (Canterbury) & Domino NZPH

3rd Abbey Baker (Canterbury) & Good Luck Charlie

4th Emma Harrington (Southland) & Wots Up

5th Kirk Magner (West Coast) & Sisters II Grandeur


By Rosa Douglas

10th February 2020