Tegan Fitzsimon – Windermere Cappucino

It came down to the perfect Trans-Tasman battle for the biggest class of the opening week of the Takapoto Estate Show Jumping on the shores of Lake Karapiro this afternoon.

Australian Tom McDermott knew exactly who he would need to watch in the biggest class of the week and he was dead right. Thirty-three started the class with just eight coming back for the second round over a challenging course designed by Frenchman Michel Ismalun – six were clear and two carried four penalties. At the end of the class four were double clear – Tom McDermott, his countrymen James Paterson-Robinson aboard Galliano MS and Paul Brent on Fontaine Blue VDL, and Kiwi star Tegan Fitzsimon (West Melton) on her well-performed Windermere Cappuccino.

Paul was the first to finish with everything in place, stopping the clock at 58.73 seconds, followed by James who left everything in place, 57.08 seconds. Next was Tegan who rode a stunning clear in 55.55. Watching her every move from the chute was Tom and his nine-year-old mare. “I had heard Tegan was the one to beat so I warmed up early so I could watch her go,” he said.

Tom rode a brilliant round to cross the flags in 52.19 seconds and take the victory along with the $8000 winner’s cheque.  “I am very happy with this super mare,” said Tom. He’s been riding her for four years, bringing her through from 1.15m to World Cup and Grand Prix level. “For such a small horse she covers a lot of ground fast. I have so much confidence in her. She is not the scopiest or most talented but certainly has the biggest heart. She trusts me so much and will jump whatever I put in front of her. She is very sassy with a big personality and can be a bit of a handful.”

Chatham Park owner Hamish Douglass flew Tom to New Zealand as part of the winning team for the inaugural cash-rich Takapoto Teams’ Championship.


Results –

Horse Grand Prix (part of the Equissage national series): Tom McDermott (Australia) Elegance de la Charmille 1, Tegan Fitzsimon (West Melton) Windermere Cappuccino 2, James Paterson-Robinson (Australia) Galliano MS 3, Paul Brent (Australia) Fontaine Blue VDL 4, Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) LT Holst Andrea 5, Logan Massie (Dannevirke) Fairview Animation 6.

Mini Prix: Jesse Linton (Hastings) Iguazu 1, Georgina Dormer (Rangiora) Casanova NZPH 2, Jess Rice-Ward (Australia) Dusky Farm Cavalier 3, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Mandalay Cove 4, Oliver Edgecombe (Waipukurau) Henton Excalibur 5, Alexa Randall (Auckland) Cirrius GNZ 6.

Junior Rider Final: Madison Jackson (Auckland) Kiwi Monarch 1, Tahlia Graham (Warkworth) Ngahiwi Lady Blue 2, Georgia Milner (Auckland) Icebreaker MP 3, Rose Windross (Auckland) Leestone Eagle 4, Isabelle Saxton (Tuakau) Double Shott 5, Lucas Bremner (Whangarei) Triple Star Destiny’s Accolade 6.

Takapoto Teams’ Championship: Chatham Park (Amber Fuller/CP Aretino, Amelia Douglass/Sirius Du Granit/Tom McDermott/Elegance De La Charmille) 12 faults 1, iSpy Horses (Brooke Edgecombe/LT Holst Andrea, Briar Burnett-Grant/Fiber Fresh Veroana, Tegan Fitzsimon/Windermere Cappuccino) 17 2, AJTL (Kate Hinschen/Finch Farm Cadel, Jess Rice-Ward/Dusky Farm Cavalier, James Arkins/Eurostar) 24 3, Waikato Equine Vets (Drew Carson/Winston V Driene, Julie Davey/Joligne de Carmel, Robert Steele/LT Holst Bernadette) 36 4, GPI Racing/Yandoo Park (James Paterson-Robinson/Galliano MS, Melissa Blair/Gigant Z, Izzabella Stone/Lincoln MVNZ) 77 5, Harrison Lane (Emelia Forsyth/Henton Faberge, Emily Hayward/Belischi HM, Clarke Johnstone/Quainton Labyrinth) 97 6.

Seven-Year-Old Final: Vicki Wilson (Havelock North) Daminos TWS (Diarado/B’Lanca Nieve) 1, Oliver Croucher (Cambridge) Scotsman’s Valley (Quinor/Power Girl) 2,  Jesse Linton (Hastings) LT Holst Elsbeth (Cascadello/Beryl) 3, Paula Mussen (Pukekohe) Déjà vu NZPH (Untouchable M/Riviera NZPH 4, Tegan Fitzsimon (West Melton) Glenbrooke All Roses (Euro Sport Heart Breaker/Dozen Roses) 5,  Vicki Prendergast (Matamata) Selena C (Cardento VDL/Sofee) 6.

Six-Year-Old Final: Jaime Tiller (Cambridge) Casanova Xtreme (Corofino II/JK Looks Good) 1, Logan Massie (Dannevirke) Avenger Xtreme (Andretti/Corteeza) 2, Brett Horsburgh (Cambridge) Epic NZPH (Non Plus Ultra III/Paparazzi NZPH) 3, Rachel Malcolm (Cambridge) Onessa MVNZ (Escudo I/Contessa) 4, Heloise Tolo (Wellington) Heartline (Euro Sport Heartbreaker/Calusa) 5, Deanna Horsburgh (Cambridge) Entourage NZPH (Kannan/Vidal NZPH) 6.

Five-Year-Old Final (on style): Logan Massie (Dannevirke) Cassio Xtreme (Cassiano/Cordette Xtreme) 1, Julie Davey (Hastings) LT Holst Freda (Colman/LT Holst Andrea) 2, Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) LT Holst Helen (Casall/Charmante) 3, Logan Massie (Dannevirke) Florence (Lord Lorino/Molly) 4, Samantha Carrington (Takapau) Double J Hurricane (Euro Sport Heartbreaker/Double J Breeze) and Jeremy Whale (Cambridge) Bannockburn ECPH (Cassiano/Ngahiwi Emillionaire) =5.

Four-Year-Old Final (on style): Brooke Hawthorne (Cambridge) Latona (Lordeutz/Rwenzori Heights) 1, Jaime Tiller (Cambridge) Takapoto Sienna (Euro Sport Centavos/Belize Di Cantero) 2, Kylee McCambridge (Cambridge) PHS Armando (Andretti/Sabertage) 3, Rachel Nelson (Havelock North) Good Tune NZPH (Non Plus Ultra III/Tune to Blues NZPH) 4, Oliver Croucher (Cambridge) Takapoto DC (Cartell GNZ/Claire) 5.

Young Rider: Oliver Croucher (Cambridge) Waitangi Surf 1, Amelia Douglass (Australia) Cassis Z Ten Halven 2, Kate Herdson (Auckland) Idol D 3, Amelia Douglass (Australia) Upperclass Z 4, Annabel Francis (Taupo) La Quinara 5.

Provincial Teams Final: Fergus Rural Northern Hawke’s Bay (Melody Matheson/Cortaflex Illusion, Kathryn Alabaster/Haupouri Drama, Jesse Linton/Vitess) 12 faults, 170.41 seconds 1; Screen Art Taranaki (Nakeysha Lammers/Resolution, Mathew Dickey/Absolute NZPH, Nakeysha Lammers/Balboa NZPH) 12 faults, 170.97 seconds 2; Waikato (Jaime Tiller/Lanice van de Heffinck, Christine Cornege/Varekai SL, Clarke Johnstone/Balmoral Sensation) 20 faults, 166.08 seconds 3; Float Factory Central Districts (Chloe Hansen/Kiwi Motto, Daniel Webb/Centaur, Katharine Van Tuyl/Centavino) 20 faults, 176.78 seconds 4.

Diamond Lodge Provincial Teams’ Series: Float Factory Central Districts 20 points 1, Fergus Rural Northern Hawke’s Bay 14 points 2, Screen Art Taranaki 13 points 3.


23 February 2020