Dressage NZ Fundraiser for NEC Arena Comes to Fruition 

Thanks to the generosity of the Dressage community which included many individual members and Dressage groups, ESNZ High Performance, NEC Taupo, ESNZ Eventing, a $10,000 investment from Dressage NZ, support from Martin Collins NZ, Thomas Earth Shaping & Earth Moving Taupo, Hamish Daulton Fencing and project manager Jon Williamson, a superb 60 x 35m Martin Collins Arena   adjacent to the NEC Indoor Stadium will be operational in time for two key national dressage events at Taupo NEC in 2020.

Over $50,000 was raised is support of this project which demonstrated the members and national sport commitment to the NEC for the future.

Alongside other arena refurbishments carried out recently by the NEC, this new arena will enhance performance, soundness and competition longevity of our competition horses and will support the amazing job being done by NZ breeders to ensure our riders have world class horses for the future.

Further funds are still being accepted to support power supply and automatic irrigation developments on the arena. Should excess funds be secured Dressage NZ will consider in consultation with the NEC what further developments can be undertaken.

Thank you all. Our horses thank you also.