The ESNZ jumping board wishes to clarify misunderstandings seen around the FEI Children’s Classic and the FEI World Challenge.  The ESNZ Jumping board has not chosen to abolish these classes. The organising committees have shown very little interest as the classes have not been well supported by the riders in recent years.

Both require a specific arena size which last year was 65mx45m. The courses must be set accurately to a plan supplied by the FEI. They both require a significant number of FEI registered officials in attendance, and a veterinarian for the trot ups.

The FEI runs to a calendar year, which adds to the difficulty when our jumping season spans two FEI years.

The FEI world challenge needs to have three shows willing to run the classes within the same FEI season. Either all  from August to Dec 31,  or January 1 through to the Series Final show.

The FEI Children’s classic has been held for the 2019 year, in Gisborne. It cannot be held again until 2020. For the 2019 season there was an FEI requirement to run the class prior to an early October date. This end date does move a little from year to year.

If as a rider you are keen for these classes to be re-instated you should become involved with your area and ether talk to your area delegate or local show committees. As always, there will be tick boxes to indicate interest on the Show Date Application Form that is supplied annually to all areas and shows.

We look forward to some renewed enthusiasm to run these classes.