Well that’s a wrap from the CSIO5* in Gijon, Spain.

The Kiwi showjumpers have all put in some solid efforts. On the final day of competition, Bruce Goodin and Backatorps Danny V were the only New Zealanders in the 5* 1.60m Grand Prix overnight which was won by Greg Patrick Broderick (IRL) aboard Westbrook who were double clear in 49.52 seconds for the jump-off.

Twelve of the 48 starters came back for the jump-off where it was a super tight battle for the podium. Bruce and Danny had eight in the first round to finish 20th.

Richard Gardner and Cromwell 32 were just out of the money after their clear round in the 40-strong 5* 1.40m class. Again Irish eyes were shining with Alexander Butler and Dekato taking the win with their 56.54 second effort. Richard and Cromwell stopped the clock at 66.02 seconds for 15th place. Daniel Meech and Dominick came home with four penalties in 65.85 and Tom Tarver on Popeye also had four in 68.64 seconds.

Samantha McIntosh was 19th in the Best Athlete of the CSIO5*, with Ellen Whitaker (GBR) winning the crown.


The horse details:
Backatorps Danny V – owned by Backatorp Ryder AB
Popeye – owned by Tom Tarver and Lucia Voss
Dominick – owned by Johnson Horses GmbH
Cromwell 32 – owned by Gestut Jennissen, Gut Nechen Agrar GmbH

By Diana Dobson – HP Media Liaison
Photos by Libby Law/ESNZ