Voting is now open for the election of your ESNZ President for 2019-2020.

ESNZ has received two nominations for the position of ESNZ President for the 2019-2020 season.

The ESNZ Constitution states that any contested election for the presidency will be conducted via a ballot of all ESNZ members who are eligible to vote.

Nominations for President have been received for:

  • Vicki Glynn (nominated by Chris Hodson, seconded by Warren James)
  • Richard Sunderland (nominated by Wallie Niederer, second by Jenny Booth)

Each candidate has prepared a brief statement about themselves, it is important that you read these before casting your vote.


The following members are eligible to vote:

  • Honorary Life Members aged 18 or over
  • Life Members aged 18 or over
  • Full members aged 18 or over
  • Full members – non-competing aged 18 and over (previously called non-competing member)
  • Affiliated organisations and member organisations subject to whether voting rights are conferred or not in the agreement between the organisation and ESNZ

If you are an ESNZ member who is eligible to vote in this election you will be contacted by ESNZ in one of two ways:

If ESNZ holds an email address for you, then you will receive an email with details on how to vote in a secure online format. 

If you have an email address.  There is an on-going issue with Spark Xtra Mail whereby emails being sent to and from accounts using Spark’s email service provider Xtra Mail are being blocked.  If you have an alternative email address please contact the ESNZ National Office – [email protected] – who will be happy to update your personal details and send you an invitation to participate in the online election.

If ESNZ does not hold an email address for you, then you will receive a letter, copy of the statements and a ballot paper by post.

Any Member who does not receive an email or ballot paper by post and who wishes to vote should contact the ESNZ Office immediately on 04 499 8994 or email [email protected] alternatively, you can download a ballot paper below and send it back to ESNZ by hand, post or email – details are on the ballot paper.


Please note the following process in terms of casting your vote:

  • A returning officer is appointed to oversee that the voting process is run correctly.
  • No more than two ESNZ staff members will check the validity of the votes received, these staff members are required to maintain confidentiality of the votes.
  • Following the AGA the votes are destroyed.

The election will close (both online and for receipt of ballot papers) at 5pm on Tuesday 24th September 2019.

The result will be announced at the ESNZ Annual General Assembly on Wednesday 25th September 2019 in Wellington. 

For information, only one nomination was received for the position of ESNZ Vice-President for 2019-2020 by Lynda Clark (nominated by Nick Pyke, seconded by Sue Billingheimer).  The appointment of Vice-President will be made by voting delegates at the ESNZ AGA.

For further information on the ESNZ AGA CLICK HERE.